Four Seasons of D.C. Event Venues

    Washington D.C. is one of the locations in the country that you get all four seasons; some event venues are more suitable for particular seasons.  For instance, if you are hosting a dinner party in the middle of winter in Washington D.C., a venue with a fireplace and/or a cozy interior would be fitting and welcoming for the event.  The Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington D.C. is a great example of a place to host a winter event.  Not only is the Jack Rose Dining Saloon a unique and fun establishment, it is also very practical for anyone trying to host a memorable and cozy gathering.  With a downstairs saloon and a private room upstairs containing a fireplace, the Jack Rose Dining Saloon is a great place to warm up any crowd mid-winter in Washington D.C.

    Lighting is often a factor that can help separate a fall or winter venue from a summer or spring appropriate venue.  If the venue has an outdoor patio and/or a lot of natural lighting that can shine through the space, it might be a preferable space to choose for an event being held in springtime or summertime.  If the space has warm colored walls filling the interior and perhaps a dimmer look, it might be the optimal place to host a fall or winter event.  With its white walls reflecting the natural light entering through the open space, it is no wonder that the Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington D.C. serves as an optimal event location in spring or summer seasons! The Hamiltonian Gallery represents contemporary artists, adding to its hip appeal.  Additionally, the open gallery feel provides for the perfect social mixer or cocktail party location to be held during the spring in D.C.

    An open aired private space is the perfect location when hosting a summer event! With natural light and an open terrace, the T Square Loft provides exemplary qualities for an intimate setting for a summer event.  For a corporate event or to host a larger group for a wedding, there is nothing that can quite compare to the quaint and historical vibes of STROGA Elegant Event Space.  With the outer wall filled with floor to ceiling windows and beautiful hardwood floors, the space is delicate and light whilst exuding radiant vibes.

    Autumn can sometimes be a hard season to accommodate for in terms of finding a seasonal venue space.  Choosing a seasonally neutral venue is a great way to go when choosing for the fall.  A venue that can be decorated and used in the proper way spatially can affect how guests feel in a particular space.  Table arrangement and decorations can be used can frame a space to create a cozier or a more open feel, depending on what you are going for.  This applies for spaces in Washington D.C. like Studio 52.  With half of the walls benig white and half of the walls being brick, the space becomes seasonally neutral and great for hosting an autumn event in D.C.

    Overall, considering light, color and space are the most ideal ways to determine the seasonality of a venue.  Good luck hosting your next event in Washington D.C. and let us know which venue you decided on by leaving us a comment below, on Facebook of Twitter!