Friend or Foe: How to Work Harmoniously with Your Wedding Planner

    There's no debating that planning a wedding is stressful.  Between finding the perfect wedding venue, deciding on flower arrangements, and staying within your budget, it can be a bit of a nightmare. So if you decide to hire a wedding planner, remember that he or she is there to help you through the process, not make it more difficult.

    Choose Wisely

    When selecting a wedding planner, keep in mind that this individual will be in charge of the majority of your wedding.  Take time to select a planner with good reviews and within a reasonable price range.  If you select too hastily, you may end up with a control freak who you don't feel comfortable communicating with, which could end up disastrous   You also want to make sure the planner is reputable.  By ensuring both an open and dependable wedding planner, you are on your way to a harmonious relationship and much less stressful experience.

    Communicate Early and Often

    It is your special day so of course, everything should be what you want.  When you first meet with your wedding planner, communicate what you have envisioned.  Your wedding planner is not a mind reader, so this is very important.  You may forget to mention what kind of flowers you wanted and he or she may assume you will like whatever he or she thinks will look best, and that may not be what you had in mind.  To avoid this, make sure your planner is aware of what you want.

    Be Realistic

    Yes, you may have envisioned ten ice sculptures, multiple dessert bars, and three dance floors for your dream wedding...but that costs money.  Even though you have communicated your desires to your wedding planner, he or she is not a miracle worker.  If you have a budget and wish to stick to it, then some things are simply just unrealistic.  In addition to costly additives to your reception, also remember that the weather as well as the wedding venue rules are something that must be considered and are outside of your wedding planner's control.

    Follow these tips and you are on your way to a stress-free relationship with your wedding planner.  Remember, no one likes a bridezilla so by planning ahead, remaining realistic, and communicating early and often, you will a avoid a terrible experience.  If you're ditching your wedding planner altogether and planning your special day by yourself, Eventup has a helpful and friendly staff to help you find an amazing space for your wedding!

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