Fun DIY Crafts for Children

    Summer is quickly approaching which means school is ending! Keep your kids entertained with these fun craft ideas.

    Paper Bowl Turtle Pet


    • Poster Paint & Paint Brushes
    • Glue
    • Crayons
    • Three Feet of String
    • Green Construction Paper
    • Large Paper Bowl
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Wiggle Eyes and beads
    • Single hole punch


    Step 1: Place the paper bowl upside down on the green construction paper and trace the rim

    Step 2: On the circle, draw the turtle's head, arms and legs

    Step 3: Cut out the outline of the turtle

    Step 4: Punch a hole an inch above the rim of the bowl using either the hole punch or a pencil

    Step 5: Create the turtle's shell by painting the outside of the bowl and gluing various beads

    Step 6: Add the turtle's face by gluing on the wiggle eyes and either drawing or painting the turtle's mouth and nose

    Step 7: To give your turtle some shape, slightly curl the head, legs, and arms

    Step 8: Insert one end of the string into the whole in the paper bowl and tie a knot on the inside to keep the string in place

    Step 9: Glue the shell to the paper body with the string above the head and let dry

    Baby Bead Animals



    Step 1: Choose two matching beads, one slightly larger than the other

    Step 2: Glue the smaller bead over the hole of the larger bead, with the smaller bead's holes positioned to look like eyes

    Step 3: Cut out ears, tail, and feet from the felt and glue them in place (make sure the feet are positioned squarely)


    Step 1: Follow steps 1 & 2 for the bunny, but cut appropriate shapes for a duck's bill, wings, and feet


    Step 1: Apply a small drop of glue to the tip of a pipe cleaner and insert it into a large bead

    Step 2: Position a second bead as the head so the holes are the eyes and glue it to the first bead (opposite side of the pipe cleaner)

    Step 3: Slide 4 more beads on the pipe cleaner behind the first bead

    Step 4: Trim the excess pipe cleaner and remove the last bead

    Step 5: Apply a small drip of glue to the end of the pipe cleaner and replace the last bead

    Step 6: Cut antennae from felt and glue them behind the head

    Painted Flower Pot


    Step 1: Decorate the pot with the acrylic paints and let it dry completely

    Step 2: Fill the pot with the potting soil and plant the seeds or the small plant

    Paper Plate Sun


    • A paper plate
    • Yellow construction paper
    • Scissors
    • A pencil
    • Glue or stapler
    • Tempera Paint (Yellow plus additional colors)
    • Paint brushes


    Step 1: Paint the back of the paper plate yellow

    Step 2:  While the plate is drying, trace hands at least 6 times on yellow construction paper and cut out the tracings

    Step 3: Glue or staple the hand tracings around the edges of the paper plate (the hands are the sun's rays)

    Step 4: Using the other paint colors, create the eyes, nose and mouth of the sun

    We'd love to see any DIY children's crafts you've done with your little ones as well! Post a comment here or share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!