Fun Party Ideas!

    Karaoke Party

    Rock the house by throwing a karaoke party. Rent a karaoke machine for the night or host it at a bar. Karaoke parties are great because they are entertaining, memorable, and tons of fun. When creating the guest list make sure you feel comfortable around all the people you are inviting and know they wont judge or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Have food setup and lots of drinks, as people will probably be more brave after a few cocktails. Checkout the list below for some easy cocktail recipes that are sure to have your guests rocking out at the mic.

    The 242                                                                                                The Gin Sling

    Ingredients:                                                                                           Ingredients:

    1 oz. vodka                                                                                           1 tsp. sugar syrup

    2 oz. melon liqueur                                                                               2 tsp. lemon juice

    8 oz. soda water or 7-up                                                                      3 oz. gin

    Directions:                                                                                            8 oz. soda water

    1) Pour in the first shot of melon liqueur                                               Directions:

    2) Pour in one shot of vodka                                                               1) Combine sugar, lemon juice, and gin.

    3) Pour in 8 oz. soda water (more or less if desired)                          2) Add the soda water and mix again.

    4) Top off with the final shot of melon liqueur                                     3) Serve and enjoy!

    Cooking Party

    Cooking alone can get boring. Invite friends over and turn it into a party!  Exchange recipes or teach your friends some cooking tips. Are your friends always crunched on time? Demonstrate a meal that can be made in under 30 minutes. Are your friends constantly budgeting? Demonstrate a few meals that can be made with only $10 or how to turn leftovers into an entirely new meal. Maybe even challenge your friends to go vegan for a week and demonstrate some healthy vegan meals. If you decide to host a cooking lesson be sure you go to the market ahead of time and buy plenty of ingredients. Want to host a cooking lesson, but don’t want to worry about all the hassle? No worries hire a professional chef to come teach you and your friends some great meals. They take care of everything from bringing all of the ingredients to cleaning up the mess.

    If you don’t want to give them a cooking lesson, turn the party into a fun competition and offer a prize to the amatuer chef who brought the best meal. This way the guests bring the party to you and you do not need to worry about feeding an entire party. Encourage guests to bring the recipe to whatever dish they made and exchange them with the other guests. This way the guests go home full and have a variety of new dishes they can try!

    Scavenger Hunt

    You are never too old for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Gather up your best pals and invite them to join you in the scavenger hunt of the century. When planning your scavenger hunt it is important to decide on what type of hunt it will be. Will the participants need to collect physical items? Or do they need to take photographs as evidence of the tasks they completed? Regardless of the type of hunt, you will need to invite friends over to your house, or another meeting place and divide them into teams. Try grouping people who don’t know each other well into teams so everybody bonds and gets to know each other. Once the teams have been formed, distribute the list of items they need to gather or tasks they need to accomplish. The lists should have points attributed to each item or task based on difficulty and should also include a meeting time everyone needs to gather at. At the meeting time, points should be assessed and a prize should be given to the winning team. If you don’t want to supply the prize, have each team pitch $10 or so before the hunt and give the winner the pot of money! Below we have listed some examples of each type of hunt. Feel free to get creative and customize each list! Hint: add some humor to the hunt and give each team an inflatable parrot (or another silly object) to carry around; if the team is spotted without the parrot, deduct 10 points.

    Gathering Hunt:                                                                              Photo Hunt:

    Napkin from a local bar (10)                                                           Person with a concert t-shirt (10)

    Business card (5)                                                                           Person playing an instrument (15)

    Stranger’s phone number (15)                                                       Person with mullet or colorful hair (10)

    Kiss that leaves lipstick on you cheek (15)                                     Convince a stranger to chug a drink against                                                                                                        you (15)

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