Giveaways and Party Favors Everyone Will Want

    Quick, run to your junk drawer and grab a handful of stuff! Got it? Good. Now, lay it all out here beside your computer and tell me this: how much of the junk has a company name or logo on it? Odds are, nearly all of it has been emblazoned by some business, in the hopes that their pen, post-its, or beer koozy would draw you back to them. But did it? Probably not, given the drawer you found them in. Which brings us to today’s topic: giveaways and promotional materials. When the party is over, the big-ticket prizes are raffled away, and the promotional gift bags are lined up before the venue’s beautiful view, how do you separate your swag from all the other company clutter? Well, we’re here to tell you how!

    Say It With Sweets: You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like candy, which is why it’s not surprising that edible giveaways trend is on the rise. Wrap your candies in custom company packaging, or even print your logo right onto the treats themselves (just make sure they don’t get eaten before your guests have a chance to see the logo)! And yes, we know that, once eaten, the logo won’t be there, hanging around the house to remind your guests of your business, but this is the sort of unique promotional gift they’ll want to tell their friends about – and once they’ve told the tale, they won’t soon forget.

    Think of Their Needs: Over the years, mankind has come up with some downright clever inventions. Technology has made out lives easier and easier as we’ve moved through history, and just when we think we’ve reach the peak, some kid who just dropped out of Princeton brings us something new to blow our minds. But I’ll tell you one thing that will never, ever change: when it rains, we need something to cover our heads. So why not be the one to provide shelter from the storm, and get your name out in the open with every coming storm? Printing your logo on a necessary item like an umbrella is a surefire way to keep your gifts out of the garbage, and it opens up possibilities for your business to be seen out on the street.

    Unique to You: This idea might require a little extra effort, but the dividends will be well worth it. Giving away customized gifts that are relevant to your company – and I mean really relevant, not just a pen or notepad – will make you more interesting to your guests (and we all know that interesting equals memorable)! Are you a company that works with computers? Give out these cute USB drives! No one will wanna toss this little guy in the junk drawer. Showing a little creative spirit and ingenuity will go a long way with potential business partners or customers.

    But don’t just take our word for it; what sort of promotional swag have you given out? What have you gotten? What do you wish you had gotten? Let your voice be heard here in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!