Go Green: Throw an Eco-Friendly Party!

    Throwing a party is always fun, but the left over food and hardly used supplies and decorations can have a toll on the environment.  So next time you host a party, go green by following these eco-friendly tips!


    E-vites are the most eco-friendly invitations available.  With a simple click and not a single piece of paper, all of your guests receive an invitation for your party.  However, an e-mail can be generic and impersonal so if you'd like to add a personal touch without harming the environment, consider a printing company like TinyPrints.  All of the invitations sold on the site are either FSC-Certified or are made from 30% post-consumer waste.  Plus they offer a variety of beautiful, custom designs.


    When planning your menu, keep in mind that choosing organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables will be more environmentally conscious.  Consider shopping at your local farmers' market to find these items. Purchasing food that is locally grown also has a smaller environmental impact than food that is shipped from other places.

    Before purchasing your food, plan your menu ahead of time by selecting a few summer recipes like this one for corn and zucchini sauté.  The recipe uses seasonal vegetables and would make a great side dish that your guests will love.


    Decorating for your party without being wasteful can be a challenge, so keep in mind that less is more.

    You can keep it simple if you have any old vases from previous flower arrangements.  They can be recycled by filling them with new flowers from the farmers' market and then mixing and matching them on tables either as centerpieces or as decorations.

    Or, you can go even greener and purchase tree seedlings.  Keep the burlap for an eco-friendly appearance and simply wrap the bottoms with shiny ribbon to add some elegance.  Instead of throwing them away like ordinary centerpieces after your party, you can plant them!

    As for tableware, using your own is always the greenest choice.  However, with a large gathering that is not always an option. In order to stay green, buy your plates, cups and cutlery from sites that offer responsibly made products, like Susty Party.  They offer products that are environmentally friendly and very unique.

    Your guests are sure to enjoy your party even more if they know it was environmentally friendly!

    Do you have any other additional tips or ideas for hosting an eco-friendly party?  Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment below!