Going Green: Reusable Party Decorations

    Go green for your next event! If you’ve been in the event planning industry for a while, you understand all the time and resources needed to host a great party. For your next event, why not try these reusable party decorations? You’ll be saving money and planet earth in the process.


    Reusable chandeliers add a touch of class and sophistication to any event. Hang it in the entry way of your party event space and make a good first impression as people walk through the door. There are many different kinds out there with sturdy metal based frames that can be used again and again. Also, try to find collapsible chandeliers so you can easily store them away for later use.


    Create a beautiful atmosphere in your event venue with reusable columns. These are most often draped with fabric and placed in the entryway or other prominent walking area. Find frames that have a metal base to make sure they will last a long time. Reusable columns are economical and easy to assemble so be sure to stock up on a few for future use!

    Chair Covers

    Banquet chair covers are an awesome investment and add a nice polished touch to your event. As a tip, purchase these in a few different primary colors so that you can easily use them for a variety of occasions. It’s best to buy a few of the ribbon-style covers that you can simply tie around the top of chair. However you should also purchase plain white and black stretch covers that can slip over the entire chair for use on plastic chairs and other unsightly chairs.

    Artificial Trees

    There are a variety of artificial trees you can purchase for your next event! From Willow trees to palm trees to winter-themed trees, these reusable decorations will definitely help add to the elegance and style of your party. You can also purchase some artificial ivy to wrap around banisters or door frames.

    Wire Arches

    Planning on having a photographer at your event? Why not give him or her a designated area to photograph your guests? Wire arches add amazing focal points to event spaces. Choose one with lights to add sparkle or wrap with silky materials for a different look.

    Lamp Posts

    Light up your party with reusable lamp posts! Whether you want a subtle glow or a twinkling nighttime affect, you can find a lamp post to match your style. These are wonderful for outside events such as outdoor weddings, corporate BBQ’s and more.

    What types of reusable decorations will you be using at your next event? What others have you seen? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!