Good Karma: Make Your Event Benefit A Charity


    We all want to find ways to help others, but often it can be difficult to fit into our busy lives. By incorporating charity fundraising or awareness campaigns seamlessly into your event, you give both yourself and your guests a chance to make a big difference while having a great time. 


    Include a Donation in the Ticket Price
    If you’re charging for attendance, include an opt-out 5% donation, but allow guests to choose which of three charities the donation goes to. This gives them the choice to donate at all, and the autonomy to choose where their generosity is distributed. 

    Offer a Gift
    A tasteful badge, or decorative flower could be offered at the entrance for a low price, with the proceeds going to charity. That way, most people at your event will have a visible commitment to the charity, providing a cohesive look as well as an unobtrusive way of using your event to help others.

    Invite a Guest Speaker
    To get everyone excited about the cause, bring in an expert who can tell you exactly how your funds will be used, and how the charity has made a difference in the past. This will open up conversations and awareness while encouraging everyone to be charitable. 

    Encourage Sign-Ups to a Fun Run
    Hold a campaign to get your guests signed up to a fun run – this could especially work in a corporate event as a way for everyone to bond together. They can raise money for a charity of their choice, and if your guests complete it together it will reinforce brand loyalty and provide some fun with a sense of achievement. 

    Making your event charitable is a fantastic way to contribute to your community, and leaves everyone feeling good. From small donations to huge fundraising events, every little bit can help to make a difference and is worth considering for any event.