Grand Atlanta Venues for Under a Grand

    Planning an event in Atlanta for under a grand may not be quite as hard as you may think! The venues listed below are all spaces that can be rented for under a grand, so do not fear, you can plan a successful event in an awesome venue on the tight budget you are working with!

    If you are looking for a party spot in Atlanta that is reasonably priced, say no more! MJQ Event Space is an unforgettable discotheque space that is perfect for any type of event! For under a grand, your party can rock this world! Whether the MJQ Event Space is lit with neon lights or casually lit for a band performance, the space shines on its own and is memorable in artsy way.

    If The Music Room and MJQ event space were not exactly the type of value venue you were looking for in Atlanta, The Loft @ Center Stage is the perfect event space for a corporate event or cocktail party. The Loft at Center Stage can appeal to a more casual event or can serve as the space to host a fancy black tie event. Depending on the type of event you are trying to host, decorations and lighting can really determine the level of formality within the space. Additionally, although the space is fairly large and can host a large capacity of people, the space can also be tightened up and made to feel smaller due to the deep dark hues of the walls. The Loft at Center Stage is quality at its finest value.

    Are you planning an Atlanta wedding on a budget? The Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum is the ideal venue that is classy and affordable! Not only can this venue host up to 500 people, it is also a historical location that provides a classy sense of atmosphere to your upscale wedding event. Since the venue itself is aesthetically pleasing, it provides a beautiful visual backdrop for both live and photographic purpose. The Cyclorama & War Museum has both indoor and outdoor spaces for your event. Do not overlook this venue because of its low starting price! This historical space is bound to leave guests with a lasting memory!

    It is always worth doing the research to find a well valued venue for your event. If you are able to spend less on the venue, you'll be left with more to spend on other aspects like food and decorations, and those things can add up fast! Planning a very nice event on a budget is do-able, so don't think for a second that by choosing a venue at a lower cost you're losing value!