Grand Miami Venues for Under a Grand

    So you're planning an event in Miami.. but you've got to stay under $1,000? While this may seem impossible in such a beautiful and tropical city such as Miami, it's not! You can do it! Here are a few grand Miami venues for under a grand that you should check out when you're planning your next event!

    Casa Carby has a modern elegance that you will not be able to resist. It has a French/Mediterranean feel to it, and the moment you step inside you will have a sense of serenity and tranquility of the mind. The venue is full of nature and greenery, and it's a gorgeous place to hold your next event.

    Miami Condo with Terrace and Ocean View. There are tons of residential venues around the Miami area that you can hold your next event at for under a grand! How about a beautiful condo with a terrace and an ocean view? It's unbelievable, and your guests will be thrilled to enjoy the outdoors and the view of the beautiful North beach. There's tons of nightlife around the area, so you can choose to go out, or just stay in the condo!

    Waterfront Dream Home. What's more beautiful than a mansion? A mansion on the water. This dream house is perfect for your next photo shoot, dinner party, or vacation! It holds a beautiful waterfront swimming pool, a dock to the ocean, and tons of other amenities that you will love for your next event.

    MiamiShared. Planning a meeting? Looking for a modern meeting space? Try the MiamiShared meeting space in Downtown Miami. You won't be disappointed, and it won't be pricey!

    So yes.. it is possible to find a grand Miami venue for under a grand! We hope that you choose one of these, because you truly will not regret it! What do you think? Have you been to any other Miami venues for under a grand? Let us know in a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!