Great Ideas for Corporate Place Cards

    Place cards are the perfect way to organize your guest seating, avoid seating drama, and to particularly place people to create good conversation. However, creating seating cards for a corporate event can be a little more challenging than for a wedding or birthday party. The most difficult part is deciding the level of appropriateness. You definitely do not want to have cards that are too girly, or unprofessional. When designing the seating cards for the event, it’s important to have a good balance of fun and professionalism.

    We have some creative seating card ideas that will not only awe corporate attendees, but will also add a little cheer to your event. First though, take note of the quick tips we’ve put together for you below. No matter how you design your place cards, these tips will ensure that they are the right fit for the corporate event!

    Quick Tips:

    1. Use a font that is clear and easy to read. Although cursive is a gorgeous touch, the font isn’t always clear. Stick to fonts that are in basic print and can quickly be read. For example, fonts like Times New Roman, Lucida Bright, Cambria, etc.
    2. Incorporate simple colors. The card should have no more than three colors, including the color of the actual card.
    3. Do not use an intense, decorative display. The cards can be placed on a basic table with a tablecloth, or hanging on a simple display board (but not a cardboard science project board you used in elementary school!). For small parties, place the card directly at the guests seat.
    4. Keep the actual card simple. An origami card, or heart shape is unprofessional.
    5. Include a creative touch. For example, a fun card stand, or colors that represent the company.

    Corporate place cards can be fun! However, remember that professionalism is key. Below are some great place card ideas for your corporate event!

    Modern Fun

    Direct Table Placement

    Great Card Stand

    Creative Card

    Display fun

    These ideas are great inspiration for your next event! Have you come up with a creative, yet still professional, way to display place cards for your event? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment here or let us know on Facebook and Twitter!