Homemade Halloween Food Recipes

    Halloween is a day to let your imagination run wild. Whether you decide to be scary or sweet for Halloween, you’re going to need some delicious treats ready to hand out to your trick-or-treaters! If you’re throwing a party, you’re also going to need some spooky snacks for your guests. Check out these homemade Halloween food recipes for a little inspiration.

    Sugar Skull Pops/Day of the Dead

    If you’re into making your own candy, then these treats are perfect for you. You can either make them as cake pops or as normal candy suckers. All you need is the skull mold, some candy coating and food coloring markers or cake-pop icing to make these spooky treats. These are great to make with kids since each one can be decorated individually. The Skull Pops really stand out among other desserts and can be used as part of your decorations for your Halloween event space.

    Zombie Marshmallows

    These are super fun and easy to make. You'll need marshmallows, lollipop sticks, large confetti sprinkles, black and red food coloring pens, and light corn syrup. To make these zombies, secure the confetti sprinkles onto the marshmallows with a dab of corn syrup where you want the eyes to be. As a tip, make some of your zombies with just one eye. Use the markers to draw x’s for eyes, mouths blood, or whatever you want and then insert a lollipop stick onto each one. If you want, you could make these without the lollipop stick and just stack them up together.

    Halloween Chili with Cheese Pumpkins and Ghosts

    If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you’re going to need some dishes other than sweet treats to serve your guests. These mini chili bowls topped with cheese ghosts are perfect to serve in any type of event venue including your own home since they are already dished out into individual portions, making it easy for your guests to grab one and keep on mingling. Just get large black coffee mugs to serve the chili in, then top with cheese slices that are cut out into the shapes of pumpkins and ghosts (use cookie cutters to make the cheese pumpkins and ghosts).

    Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail

    Everyone loves candy corn around Halloween. If you have kids, they’ve probably already eaten their fair share of candy corn for the month. So why not offer them this healthy candy corn-inspired fruit cocktail for a fresh twist on this Halloween favorite? Just get a few large glasses, fill the bottom with pineapple chunks, the middle with tangerine slices, and the top with a little bit of whipped cream. Finish it off with a single candy corn on top and you’ve got yourself a healthy candy corn snack or dessert.

    Pumpkin Seeds on Peanut-Butter-Topped Apple Slices

    This treat is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Get some green or red apples and slice them up nicely, then top with peanut butter. Finally sprinkle with roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, add some toothpicks for easy eating and serve. You could also make these into little sandwiches instead of serving them on toothpicks.

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