Homes and Residential Venues: The New Corporate Hot Spot

    The New Year will bring whole collection of new trends for us to watch out for and follow, even in the event planning industry. However, 2013 will also piggyback on some rising fashions we noticed in the past year – most notably being the use of residential locations for party venues. Throwing a party for your company or even your family at a beautiful home is a great original way to wow your guests, but that’s not the only reason you should go for it. Residential venues offer countless perks, the kind that will make you wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner!

    Intimate Atmosphere: If you’re tired of sharing your party space with tons of other groups who also rented out space at the club or hotel, renting out a home will be just the kind of quiet you’re hoping for. Your dinner party can proceed in peace, surrounded by other lovely neighbors tucked away in their own humble abodes. Guests can lounge in the living room while you wait for dinner to be served, or spend some time enjoying the beauty of the backyard while they chat. The atmosphere at a venue like this is one of intimacy and familial comfort – the homey feeling you’d expect from, well, a house!

    Unique Views: Many homeowners in cities like Chicago or NYC have loft spaces they’ll rent out for parties and other social events. The perk of these high-rise locations is the breathtaking views that surround them. If the weather is fine and the skies are clear, who wouldn’t want a lit up city skyline as the backdrop for their party? The views these homes offer aren’t even available at many of your conventional event venues, but utilizing a residential venue will open you up to a whole new neighborhood for your party (literally).

    Hot Topic Homeowners: Are you interested in the glamor of old Hollywood? No doubt you’d love attending a soiree at the former home of Joe DiMaggio and starlet Marilyn Monroe. Music junkie with a nostalgic hankering for the Woodstock days? Host an event at Jimi Hendrix’s old apartment. These and countless other homes of former (and even current) celebrities are often available for rental, so you and your guests can live it up just like your favorite stars have.

    Have you ever rented a home for a party? Share your experience with us in the comments below! If you’re looking to rent out a space yourself, feel free to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for a look at our featured venues. And if you’ve got one of the glamorous spaces you’d like to list with us, visit Eventup and find out how!