Hosting Super Bowl Sunday Party? Try These Easy Recipes!

    Super Bowl is just around the corner and you know what that means! Time for people all over the country to gather together around the TV, watch some football, great commercials, and enjoy some all American food. Are you hosting this year’s Super Bowl Sunday party for your friends or coworkers? We're here to help with a few easy recipes for your Super Bowl party!

    If you’re hosting a big party, you may want to prepare appetizers and other snacks Saturday night and bring them with you to the party venue on Sunday. Check out these easy recipe ideas for your Super Bowl Sunday party.

    Three-Step Taco Salad

    This taco salad recipe is sure to be a hit around the Super Bowl Party snack table. It's fast and easy to put together in a pinch, plus you can make large quantities if you are planning to host a lot of people. Simply cook up your ground beef with taco seasoning and layer it in a big dish with tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, kidney beans, tomatoes, olives, and shredded cheese. This dish is excellent served with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. Make sure to have plenty of paper plates in stock because people are sure to be coming back for seconds (and thirds) of this tasty taco salad!

    Pigs in a Blanket

    Nothing says Super Bowl like pigs in a blanket! To make sure your guests don’t go hungry during this year’s game, bring plenty of these bad boys to your party place. All you need is a few packages of small sausages, some crescent rolls and condiments, and you're set! These little dogs are great to serve on Super Bowl Sunday because they are hassle-free and fun to eat. If you want to kick up the class, try serving them on toothpicks on presenting them on a fancy large appetizer plate. Served with mustard, ketchup, onions and relish, this tasty treat can't be beat.

    Spinach Artichoke Dip

    People will be fighting over this spinach artichoke dip at your Football Sunday bash. All you need is some Parmesan cheese, spinach, artichoke, sour cream,  cream cheese, mayo and a little bit of garlic. Mix all together, pop it in the oven until golden brown and you've got yourself another mouth-watering appetizer to serve to your guests. Serve with toasted bread rounds and watch your guests smile in delight as they savor this snack.

    Hot Wings

    Hot wings are hands-down one of the most popular appetizers to serve during Super Bowl parties. Drenched in homemade or your favorite store-bought sauce, no one can resist the smell of hot wings. Breaded or grilled, this dish will be the talk of the party!  Use a deep fryer, backyard grill or simply bake them on a cookie sheet in the oven until crispy. Once wings are cooked, pour the hot sauce over them and toss to coat completely. Arrange on a plate and serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing and celery sticks.

    Pizza Bites

    Everyone loves pizza. Rather than buying a bunch of large pizzas, try making these simple pizza bites! These offer a more social way of eating pizza with friends and loved ones. The trick is to first toast the bread, then butter the bread or drizzle with oil and rub with garlic. You could even have a "make your own" station for your party-goers so they can make their pizza bites with all their favorite toppings.

    What’s your favorite appetizer to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday? What are you planning to make this year? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.