How to Throw a Breakfast Event in Style

    While not as common as after-work happy hours, breakfast events come with plenty of benefits. Not only can you get more creative with food options, but you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Morning events often mean more bang for your event-budget buck when you take advantage of those times of day that aren’t as popular – especially during the week!

    Breakfast events are also ideal for busy people on the go, so you can often get a higher turnout than evening or weekend options. Whether it's a celebratory occasion or a business get-together, these helpful ideas will ensure your breakfast event makes everyone glad they decided to rise and shine.

    Keep a Central Location
    If you’re not keeping your guests at an event all day, ensure that they can get in quickly and go back to their regular business afterward. Location is key to avoiding a frustrating commute, so do the legwork to find out what the average drive time will be for your attendees and work hard to simplify transportation. 

    If most of your guests are coming from one place – an office building, for example – consider hiring out a shuttle bus or other shared car service. This allows everyone to drive to work, as usual, then use their time en route to the event as a way to network, relax, and enjoy some coffee.

    Keep the Energy High
    Many people feel they’re more productive during the morning hours. So, make sure you harness that momentum with event activities that work with people – not against them. If you’re planning a multi-session event, it’s wise to save the long keynote speeches and slideshows for later in the day. 

    Use the morning breakfast time for more interactive opportunities to teach, learn, and celebrate. Whether your event is a corporate gig or baby shower, get everyone involved right out of the gate for maximum effect. 

    Keep It Moving
    In addition to making sure your event is high-energy, focus on ensuring it starts and wraps up on time. Efficiency is a valuable trait of breakfast events. Communicate to guests what the schedule looks like, and incorporate frequent reminders to keep everyone on track. 

    Remember, you only have a few hours, so use them to your advantage and emphasize that you value everyone’s time and energy. You don’t want people to become annoyed that you’re going over the allotted time or make them feel awkward for having to dip out to head to work.

    Skip Boring Breakfast Foods
    Sure, you can’t really go wrong with the breakfast classics of biscuit sandwiches, bagels, and pastries. But, for your event, you have an opportunity to offer spectacular food choices with culinary creations made especially for your event. Many venues offer just as many tasty and original brunch recipes as they do dinner and light bites, so ask for a heartier menu if you want to impress your guests. 

    For parties of fewer than ten, consider opting for small plates and table-side service. Parties of a dozen or more are better suited for buffet-style dining. Breakfast is also incredibly flexible for those with dietary preferences. From Kosher to gluten-free, you’ll find so many catering options to kick-start the event with tasty foods that won’t be off-limits to any of your guests.

    Do Drinks Tastefully
    Depending on the event type, don’t be afraid to give people the option of starting their day with a light cocktail, like a mimosa. Before agreeing to serve alcohol, however, think about whether it makes sense for the day and time of your event. (It’s likely not many will imbibe on a workday, for example, especially if many attendees drove themselves.)

    There’s always the option of lighter drinks with less alcohol, morning “mocktails,” or limiting hard drinks to just one per guest. If you’d rather keep things alcohol-free, you still have plenty of options when it comes to coffee, lattes, and the like.

    A morning event without coffee just feels incomplete. Many attendees will be expecting a hot cup of joe, so make sure you prioritize their caffeine needs. Having an assortment of quality brews, along with creamers, syrups, and loose-leaf teas are sure to please the morning crowd.

    Better yet, see if you can hire a barista for the event. Allowing time before and after the event to get a custom drink is a sign that you’ve truly invested in both your event and its guests.

    Let the Light In
    Another great thing about morning events: the energy boost that comes from the AM sun. Look for a venue that gives you access to outside view, or consider hosting your event on a patio, roof, or porch. 

    But while sunlight is great for energy and photos, make sure the time of day doesn’t translate into a blinding glare. Check out the party locale well in advance of the big day, making sure to visit at the same morning hours that your event will be held. 

    Make Mornings Great for Everyone
    While party planners will have to get up pretty early in the day to pull off the perfect breakfast event, we think it’s worth it. 

    Whether you embrace the full-on waffle bar or provide guests with some fresh fruit and an amazing cup of coffee, these tips will help ensure your morning event is a success.