How to Customize Your Mobile App for Branding Purposes

    Happy Tuesday! Today is all about your mobile app and how you can design and customize it to fit your brand. It’s important that your mobile app has the look and feel of your storefront and/or overall company culture in order to resonate with your customers and create a consistent branding message for your business. Here are some tips and tricks on the best ways to customize your mobile app for branding purposes.

    Customize the contact information and company location.

    First and foremost, ensure that your contact information and company location is accurate and easy to locate. Ideally you would have a contact tab within the app that lists the phone numbers and names of key people in the office. Also, if you have a retail store with set hours, be sure to list your business hours on your app. Make sure to list any special holiday hours, such as if you will be closed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and so on.

    Customize the URL.

    It is vital that you customize the URL of your app so that it has your company name in it. For example, Facebook’s mobile app URL is Similarly you will want your URL to be something like so that your customers and other users can find your app quickly and easily. Most mobile app companies have this option readily available, you’ll just need to navigate to the settings and update it there.

    Customize the design of the interface.

    Choose colors and layouts for your mobile app that correlate with your business directly. For example, if you own an event space and the primary colors are red, grey, white, black, and purple, then you should choose the same colors and a similar design for your custom app. You will absolutely want to have your logo displayed at the top of your app across all pages for branding purposes.

    Customize the app functions to suit your business.

    Own an ice cream store? List all your current flavors and specials on your custom app. Own an insurance company? Make an application for your adjusters that walks them through the entire claims process. If there is any way you can incorporate customer loyalty incentive programs into your app you should do it as this typically improves the overall customer experience and increases the amount of returning customers. Whatever your business may be, there are a plethora of ways to customize your app to make processes more efficient and information easier to access. If you’re struggling to think of ways you can make your app work for you in the most efficient manner possible, hire a professional app consultant to help you customize it from scratch.

    Test it thoroughly to make sure it works properly.

    Depending on the size and the nature of your business, apps can take months to complete. That being said, it’s imperative that you test the app thoroughly once complete to make sure there are no bugs, glitches or anything else that could detract from the overall user experience. Once you’ve tested and worked out all the kinks, it’s time to officially launch your custom mobile app for your business. If you’re part of a large company where app development takes a while to finish, consider hosting a party at your business or a snazzy event venue to celebrate the completion of your company’s mobile app. This will give you the perfect opportunity to inform your customers and other audiences about the app and all the cool features it has to make their lives easier.

    Continue to promote your app.

    Put a sign out front of your store, make an announcement on your website, and send an email letting everyone know about your new custom mobile app. It’s a good idea to let as many people know about it as possible so that you reach potential new customers and stakeholders. You may even want to consider going to a couple of networking events to promote your fancy new business app.

    Make updates to your app when necessary.

    If your business hours change, you’re running a special promotion, or you’ve moved locations, you’ll definitely want to update your app with this information. There’s nothing worse than making your customers angry by simply forgetting to update information within your custom app. To prevent this from happening, tell the manager to make it his or her responsibility to check the app once a month to ensure it’s still working properly and has all the accurate and relevant information on it.

    What’s the coolest custom mobile app you’ve seen lately? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.