How to Find a Motivational Speaker for Your Event

    Finding the right motivational speaker can transform an event into an inspirational and memorable experience. When searching for such an important guest, there are a few important event elements to think about:

    Event Temperature: Make sure you take the temperature of your event before you begin your speaker search. A warm and charitable gala may be suitable for someone who will deliver a heartfelt personal speech or thought-provoking monologue. A technical industry-specific summit or conference may require a formal speaker who has a career-related or political message to share. Get an accurate sense of what the feel of your event is. Ultimately, attendees should be able to connect with the speaker from the frame with which they attend the event.

    Audience: Who is attending this event? Factors such as age, gender, ethnic background, career, and geography must inform every event decision you make, especially when choosing a motivational speaker. Your guests must see themselves in your speaker in some way. Otherwise, you can run into the issue of people checking out as your guest is trying to deliver a well-intentioned speech.

    Timing: The block of time that is available will also speak to the type of person that should be hired. A short time block (of say, less than an hour) may be a good fit for something light, perhaps even humorous. A longer window of sixty minutes or more can work well for a scholar, or someone with a standard presentation. Make sure you also take into account how a speaker plans to break up a time block and how your audience would respond to it. Younger audiences may require more differentiation while a more mature one may be able to sit through longer periods of only speaking.

    Event Goal: Are you raising money at your event? Looking for new members to an organization? Revving up your staff? You should definitely keep this in mind when selecting a speaker for your event. Whether or not they realize it, this person is a part of this mission. Some motivational speakers will engage your audience in such a way that they will be enrolled in the overarching call to action. The right speaker should further the ultimate goal of your event. If he/she does not, its time to look for another one.

    Motivational speeches can touch, move and inspire your entire audience. When you are looking for the right person to have this kind of impact, make sure you are thoughtful in your search. It can truly make or break your event.

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