How to Get Creative With Your Wedding Registry

    Here comes the bride! It’s wedding time, which means that you and your spouse-to-be have a whole new life ahead of you, and you can choose the way that you want to live. You have the opportunity to ask your family and friends for everything that you want, all included in your wedding registry. Most couples traditionally ask for new bedding, kitchen supplies, and things for around the house, but this is your chance to get creative and ask for items that aren’t so cliché or that you really want! Our Eventup team has a few ways that you can  get creative with your wedding registry for your special day.

    Honeymoon specialties. After your special day at your perfect event venue, chances are you and your spouse are going to take a honeymoon. A great way to get creative with your wedding registry is to ask for travel novelties! Honeymoon Wishes can provide your guests with a list of different activities that they can give you for your honeymoon, all online! A couple’s day at the hotel spa? A day of adventure on a boat or in the jungle? Drinks or dinner at a nice restaurant downtown? Whatever you’re interested in doing, you can ask your wedding guests to contribute to your dream honeymoon.

    Charity registry. What’s a better way to start your marriage than to give back to charity? Your guests can make an online donation to the charity of your choice as their gift to you. The “I Do Foundation” makes it very easy for people who are interested in this creative wedding registry idea. By signing up, you can control which charity your guests donate to, and whether there will be a set donation amount. You will also be able to view who has made a donation, so you will be able to thank them afterwards.

    Home down payments. These days, it’s hard for a couple to come up with all of the money right away to pay for the down payment on their first home. Luckily, Hatch my House is here to help – you can create a cash savings wedding registry to get donations and even household items for your first home together! You can start designing a house and receiving registry donations online – it’s simple and kind of fun to look at a virtual house that could be yours!

    We all have our desires.... Maybe you don't want the typical registry items, but you aren't interested in any of the above. Ask your guests for what YOU really want. If that's just a nice dinner, a gift card to your favorite store, or tickets to an event with your spouse, then so be it! This is your wedding, so you are allowed to ask for things that you will be able to use and that you want!

    Your wedding guests ultimately want to get you something that you are going to be thankful for, so if that's honeymoon novelties, a charity donation, or a down payment on your next home, let them know! They will be happy to contribute. We want to hear your thoughts! Have you contributed to a creative wedding registry, or do you have any other ideas for what couples could add to theirs? Leave a comment below, or you can let us know on Facebook or Twitter!