How to Handle Social Events with Employees

    Corperate and business events are an exciting way for people to connect in a different sphere and allow for new relationships to be formed with someone new or a co-worker that you are usually “strictly business” with. Getting to know more about your co-workers in a different light besides the office is great teambuilding and a way to increase employee morale in the office. Let’s face it though: as excited as you are to engage with these people you work with every day in an adverse setting, you can’t help but feel some pre-event jitters. This is completely normal!

    Before attending your next work social event, there are some things definitely worth considering! “How do I dress for this event?” “I don’t want to give off the wrong impression by wearing this…” When dressing to impress co-workers, dress appropriately! Make note of the event location, and time of the event when determining an appropriate outfit. You can look sophisticated and even sexy without wearing something too tight or too short!

    In addition to being conscience of what you are wearing to a work event, you should also be slightly careful about conversational topics to stay away from. You should not feel like you have to be super careful about what you talk about with co-workers, but avoid topics that could lead to argument or heated debate such as religion or politics and topics that could lead someone to get the wrong idea about you, like your love life. If you can’t find anything to talk about with Joe from accounting or Betty from engineering, a great way to avoid those awkward silences is to bring up how beautiful or unique the event space is or how stunning the centerpieces are.

    Another important thing to consider at work events (particularly if there is alcohol being served) is to make sure to eliminate yourself from any possible embarrassment that could make for an awkward next appearance in the office. This being said, if alcohol is being served, limit yourself to a certain amount of drinks. Additionally you would not want to get too intoxicated and put your co-workers in the awkward position of having to take your keys from you; drunk driving is something that no business wants to be held accountable for!

    Now that you know what to be aware of and what to avoid at your next work social event, let’s focus on what you should do and how to have fun! This is a great opportunity to start fresh with that secretary who always sees you slip in late every morning or a chance to get to know your boss that has never given you any personal details. Be outgoing and do not be afraid to introduce yourself to new people. This is a time where introductions won’t seem out of place and getting to know new people is fun. You never know, you could potentially find a new lunch buddy or happy hour partner! Another exciting factor regarding attending social events through a work function or event is that it provides you with a great chance to visit a new event location which you could potentially come back to in the future!

    All in all, social events with co-workers are a great opportunity to form and strengthen new relationships. Dress and behave appropriately, arrive with a positive attitude and you are bound to have a fun and worthwhile time!