How to Handle Yourself at an Office Event!

    Companies always try to provide an employee celebration at some point throughout the year. Whether it’s the annual holiday office party, or a dinner party with in-town executives, celebrating with colleagues must be handled properly. But, figuring out what your boundaries can be tricky and awkward. So prepare yourself with these tips! We’ve established some basic rules, so that you can still have fun and avoid being the laughing stock of the office.

    Rule #1: Don’t have to many alcoholic beverages. Do not have more than one or two drinks. Know your limit!! If you begin to feel loose, then start drinking water. You can’t start telling inappropriate jokes or showing everyone your robot dance move.

    Rule #2: Avoid Talking about Work and Gossiping. Conversing about the event itself, the weather, current news, or travel plans are acceptable topics. However, do not gossip about people in your office or your company, these are completely unacceptable topics. Not only could you hurt people’s feelings, but also, you could gain a bad reputation.

    Rule #3: Dress Accordingly. Although you don’t have to wear your daily business attire, do not dress like you’re going to the club! Avoid short skirts or shorts, low necklines, or tacky tee's. Also, don’t dress as if you’re going to a grand banquet for a wedding. If in doubt dress as if it’s casual Friday at the office. Basically, you need to dress conservatively.

    Rule #4: Monitor how much you eat. Even if you’re nervous at the event, you can’t hover around the buffet. Furthermore, don’t pile the best food choices onto your plate and leave nothing for others. People will notice! And please don’t take any food home for later.

    Rule #5: Thank your Host. The host of any event put a lot of work into planning and ensuring a successful event. Thanking them for their efforts is a polite and gracious gesture. They will definitely appreciate your politeness.

    Rule #6: Don’t flirt. You might not think you’re flirting, but a co-worker could get the wrong idea. It’s important to keep a good amount of personal space between you and the person that you are talking too. Touching is not an appropriate act and flirting is the worst. You definitely don’t want HR coming after you on Monday.

    Rule #7: Have Good Timing. Timing can send a great message to others. Arriving early demonstrates that you are excited for the event and eager to attend. However, don’t be the first to leave the event. It sends the message that you aren’t having fun and that you have better things to do.

    Remember –

    “When you're the most happening person at the party, it's time to leave”  - Kelly Cutrone