How to Host a MAD MEN Themed Party!

    The popular TV show MAD MEN just concluded its 6th season a couple weeks back. In celebration of the now iconic show, why not host a MAD MEN party? Tell people to dress up like one of their favorite characters, decorate your event venue like the set of the show, and voila! You’ve got a MAD MEN theme party!


    First, decide whether you will be sending your invitations through the mail or via email. If you go the electronic route, there are several websites that can help you create a customized invitation from one of their many electronic templates. Some of these sites include and among others. Be sure to choose color themes that match the vintage style of the show, and of course include all the relevant information such as the address and directions to your event space.


    As your party date approaches, you should start thinking about how to decorate your space. From South Pacific-chic to classily cool vintage, pick a few stylish elements for party décor relevant to the show and make them your own.

    • Print the STERLING COOPER DRAPER PRYCE company logo and hang it on the front door of your venue. No need to break any copyright laws here! AMC is kind enough to provide the logo for you – click here to download and print it.
    • You could also decorate your venue walls with classic MAD MEN posters. Search for these on for a bit of variety or download AMC’s MAD MEN poster.
    • Eliminate all signs of modern day living! Remove your modern magazines and newspapers and replace them with vintage copies of Life and Vogue. All technology like cell phones, laptops, modern TVs should all be put away for your big night. You could even take it up a notch and search your local swap marts for old rotary phones and other vintage décor.
    • Create a Tiki lounge and bar since the South Pacific was a popular vacation spot in the 1960’s. Don’t forget the drink umbrellas and grass skirts to go around the bar!


    Prepare a cocktail menu for your guests with an assortment of mouthwatering cocktails circa 1960. Definitely include the classics such as a Whiskey Sour, Martini, and Manhattan. You’ll also want to include some more exotic choices such as a Blue Hawaiian, Brandy Alexander, and Pink Squirrel. Always include one or two non-alcoholic cocktails for children and other guests who will not be drinking alcohol. Also, be sure to have cold beer and wine on hand as well as coffee and tea for some variety. Depending on the size and scale of your event, you may even want to consider hiring a professional bartender to serve your guests drinks all night long. Make sure you have enough ice, booze, and cups to serve all your guests.


    Do you want to serve a full sit-down dinner or just some snack and appetizers with dessert? You could set up a buffet for easy eating or ask all your guests to bring a dish from the 60s. Start with bar snacks to go with the drinks such as chips and dip and salted nuts. For appetizers, you could serve things like deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket. Serve main entrees like Waldorf Salad, Tuna Tettrazini, and Beef Wellington. These signature dishes from the era will have your guests really feeling like they are in MAD MEN. Once your appetizers and main meal are served, it’s time to start thinking about dessert! Again, you will want to serve authentic dishes from the 60s, such as chocolate eclairs, tapioca pudding, and crème de menthe parfaits. Other dessert ideas include Ambrosia with marshmallows and coconut and Baked Alaska.


    Your guests will dance the night away when you play 60s music for your MAD MEN party. You can actually purchase the official MAD MEN soundtrack online to keep things simple, or come up with an original playlist for the night. If you have a real record player, it’s time to dust it off and put it to good use! Include bands such as The Beatles, The Miracles, The Lovin’ Spoonful, and James Brown on your playlist. Mix it up with a little Connie Francis and Ann-Margret and you’ll have your guests dancing till dawn!


    Now for the fun part...playing dress up! Check your local vintage shops for classic pieces like country club style golf pants, pencil skirts and sweaters, and dinner jackets and bowties. As the hostess you can also choose to wear a “hostess apron” to set the tone as well. Ask your guests to dress up, too, and take a ton of photos throughout the event. When it’s all over you can post your photos on the real MAD MEN facebook page.

    For more information on how to plan a MAD MEN party, check out AMC’s online party planner. Looking for more theme party ideas? Check out our Disney theme party and Hawaiian theme party ideas for even more inspiration on what to do for your next soirée!

    What’s your favorite party theme? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.