How to Keep a Corporate Event Interactive

    When planning a corporate event, the first thing to consider is the event venue. The venue sets the stage for the type of event and the venue choice can often make or break an event. Renting out an awesome house or a hip restaurant for the evening can be a unique and cozy way to bring co-workers together. Choosing a setting like a house or a restaurant (spaces people are familiar with) automatically makes guests feel more at home and more likely to be comfortable socializing. Regardless of the venue, provided some source of entertainment is imperative in planning a successful corporate event.

    Whether it be a company happy hour, holiday gathering, or simple dinner party, providing guests with juicy entertainment helps make the event memorable and fun! Hiring musical talent, like a band or a singer to provide background music or dance floor tunes is a great way to stir up energy. Finding a venue that has a dance floor or the space to create a dance floor is a wonderful, easy idea if you are hiring a musician; it can even be done cheaply by just creating an awesome musical play-list and connecting it to speakers at the venue. If the event is at a restaurant or bar, karaoke is a fun and cheap way to provide entertainment. At a daytime event where entire families are invited, be sure to incorporate activities and food that kids can enjoy too. If it is a holiday party where families are invited, choose a venue that can host interactive activities like gingerbread house decorating or interactive games and booths.

    Another way to spice up an event is to have the catering be interactive. Having cocktails shaken or food prepared directly in front of the guests is a unique way of providing active entertainment whilst feeding and hydrating the guests. One of the new latest fads is having photo-booths brought in for events, which create s an opportunity for co-workers to bond over creating photo memories. 

    After the event you can host a competition for the most funny company photo and have all the guests submit their photo booth photos for the competition and then allow them to vote on one another’s photos. Hiring a photographer is another great idea and posting the pictures to a blog afterwards to keep guests talking about the event.
    If the corporate event you are hosting is based around service or a cause, a great way to make people more aware of the cause is to create fun games where people either donate time or the prizes that they win serve as contributions to the cause. Perhaps try to have the company match each dollar earned by the employees of have employees pay to go to the event and donate the proceeds.

    Ultimately there are many ways to keep a corporate event interactive! Here is a list of quick tips to remember:
    1.) The venue sets the stage for the event, so choose it carefully!
    2.) Provide Entertainment (music, dance-floor, karaoke, games, booths)
    3.) Make sure that guests have something to nibble on and quench their thirst
    4.) Keep guests talking about the event afterwards by hiring a photographer or having a photo-booth and having a blog for the event photos
    5.) Be excited about the event and have fun!