How to Run an Auction at Your Corporate Event

    Want to have a little fast-talking at your next corporate event? We will take you through the steps you need to organize and execute an auction at your next bash. 

    Location – Make sure your event venue can accommodate the party attending as well as extra room for your auction. There should be space for tables and displays showing each item to be auctioned off. This will help attendees understand what their options are.

    Invitations – Be sure to include on the invitation that an auction will be taking place at the event. Tell them to bring a checkbook in order to pay for the item should they decide to place a bid. Request that each person who plans on participating brings a form of payment in order to ensure the sale of each item.

    Be Clear – Be sure to state what the auction is benefitting. If it is a charity, print out pamphlets on the cause the money is going to. If it is a fundraiser for the company, be honest and announce that proceeds will be going toward a spring retreat. There is nothing wrong with trying to raise funds for a company event, especially when auctions are so entertaining and each winning bidder gets something in return for their payment. Be sure to examine all legal parameters for tax information as well.

    Planning – Decide on items to be auctioned and starting prices for bidding. Give bidders information on the item’s history so that they know what they are looking at. Be it a vintage Star Wars lunch box or a 19th century antique lace doily; people like to hear a little history before they invest themselves in an item.

    Silence is Golden – Your best bet is to hold a silent auction. This way there is no yelling during the bidding and everyone can hear what is going on. It also minimizes squabbles among bidders should an item prove to be a hot commodity. Give each bidder a card to hold to show they are placing a bid. In addition, a silent auction allows for other activities to take place throughout the rest of the event space!

    Have you ever been to or planned an auction at a corporate event? What worked best, and what didn’t work at all? We’d love to hear about your experience on Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment below!