How to Throw a Zombie Party!

    Having a zombie party is no longer reserved for Halloween only. Just as shows like The Walking Dead and movies like World War Z are becoming more and more popular, so are Zombie parties, now being held all year round for occasions such as birthdays and even, dare we say it, weddings! Check out our tips and tricks below on how to put together an awesome zombie party.


    Deck out your event space with all kinds of spooky decorations like old-fashioned lanterns and cobwebs. Buy a bunch of black and red pillar candles of different sizes and place them around your party, along the fireplace, entryway, bathroom, and in the kitchen. If your event venue has an outdoor area that you can utilize, consider setting up a fake graveyard complete with a scary zombie mannequin crawling out of one of the graves. For the tables, bring the theme home by using black and red tablecloths.


    Get creative with your party food! Why not serve your guests deliciously un-dead treats such as some puff-pastry intestines? For appetizers, you could opt for Zombie Head Cheese. To make this dish, purchase a plastic skull. Get some cream cheese and food coloring. Color your cream cheese with red and yellow food coloring to make a flesh color. Spread the cheese all over the skull, place on a plate, and add crackers to the plate. For the main course, you could serve a meat hand with mashed potatoes, where you can essentially just take burger meat or meatloaf and shape into a human hand. To go with your meat hand, serve up some mini sausage fingers with cocktail sauce. Cut three small slits in the center of the sausages to create the knuckle, and chop white onions into “fingernails” and secure them onto the sausage with the cocktail sauce.


    Consider making a zombie punch and serving it in a spooky punch bowl. Get a bunch of cocktail glasses and cups with zombie designs on them as well. There are also a number of cocktails and shots you can make for your guests, such as bloody brain shots and zombie cocktails. To make the bloody brain shot, put some vodka and lime juice into a shot glass. Then, take a straw and get a little bit of Irish cream in it, then slowly release the cream into the shot glass. Do this a couple of times until the cream forms a curdled, brain-like substance. Top with grenadine to add the “blood” and there you have it. Cheers!


    Do you want to serve one big cake, or cupcakes? How about both? Whatever you decide, zombie desserts are loads of fun to make and serve. The options you have for zombie cake decorations are practically endless. You could have a zombie hand popping out of the cake, or you could make your cake an entire zombie head. One of the most popular cake options is the zombie bloody brains cake. To make this cake, you basically just do the icing to look like a brain, and top with red sauce. You could also make mini bloody zombie brain cupcakes.


    Be sure to have some games for everyone to play at your zombie party. You can easily adapt regular games to be zombie themed. For example, you could play zombie trivia or set up a zombie scavenger hunt. Alternatively, you could get a little more elaborate and create a zombie game where everyone starts out as “human” except for one or two people and the goal of the game is to be the last “human” standing.

    Gift Bags

    Why not make your guests Zombie Survival Kits as gift bags? Simply make or buy your goody bags and fill them up with fun items like candy, candles, and toy weapons to fight off the zombies. You could also include recipes to some of the food and drink items you served at your party.

    Have you been to a zombie themed party recently? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!

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