Ideas for Great Banquet Banners

    The purpose of a banquet banner is to announce to the guests something about the gathering; a purpose or theme of the banquet.  When creating a banquet banner, firstly, you must decide what you’d like it to say and where you would like to display it. When you go to the efforts to create a banquet banner, you should consider its placement based on where it can be seen by everyone in the event space. Once you decide what you’d like to say and where you would like to display the banner, you can choose how you are going to make the banner or have it made. If the event is being held outdoors, it might be smart to have the banner made in a weatherproof material.

    Whether making the banner yourself or having it made professionally, it’s always a good idea to keep it simple. A little bit can go a long way when it comes to creating big banners, so remember to keep that in mind! No need to get carried away with little details, but do make sure that you choose a bold, legible font that can be read from far away. Also, when choosing font colors it is a good idea to make sure that there is enough contrast between the font color and the background color. Usually white or light pastel colors work nicely on a banner with a dark background and dark font’s pair nicely on a light or bright background. The goal is to make your banquet banner pop without it being too obstructive to the other decorations. It is a good idea to have the banner match the decorations of the event; if you have purple and white center pieces, it is a good idea to keep colors of the banner consistent with the center piece colors.

    It is a good idea to create a few drafts of your banner with different fonts and perhaps a different order of colors to see which one works best. Also, after creating a few drafts or a final draft, having someone else take a look at it to give their opinion or constructive advice is usually a good way to tell if you are on target to creating a successful banner!

    To sum it all up, here is a quick list of questions to consider when making your next banquet banner:

    -what do you want the banner to say?

    -where is the banner going to be displayed?

    -based on indoor/outdoor event, which types of materials can be used for the event?

    -color(s)? font?

    -how will you hang the banner?

    Let us know the steps you took to create a banner for your last event? Did you run into any problems throughout the process? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!