In the News! EVENTup CEO Talks About How to Get the Customers You Really Want

    In order to get the customers who will want to buy through your door quickly, you need to know where to look. Don't spend time calling people who aren't likely to buy as it cuts into the company's profits, says EVENTup CEO Jayna Cooke. How do you know who will want to buy? A qualified sales prospect will have the authority, budget and need for your offering.

    But where should you look first? Start by knowing what you're looking for - what characteristics does your most qualified customer have? What differentiates them from less qualified customers? After you answer these questions, do some research before getting on the phone to find the most likely candidates. Using sites like Hoover or Yelp can help a lot in this process, so leverage those and forget buying a list. Also, spending time combing through social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to find out what your prospects care about can be immensely helpful.

    Salespeople should be careful, though, as there is such a thing as over-qualifying. To avoid spending too much time on the qualification process, "you need to limit it to two or three basic high level things and then get on the phone," says Cooke. Most important? The phone call. "Nothing can replace that phone call," says Cooke.

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