The Importance of Face to Face Meetings

    Oz Nathan, author of The Importance of Face to Face Meetings [Infographic] said, “Social networks have revolutionized the way we interact with one another, deconstructed physical barriers and flattened our world.” And in fact, I couldn’t have put it better myself. Social networks, specifically Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have literally deconstructed physical barriers and have presented the opportunity for individuals to interact and communicate with people all across the world. It has given us a chance to learn from others who we otherwise would never have known existed.

    But while these social networks have given us the opportunity to network, communicate, and interact with other online users, has it actually given us the chance to “meet" them? The reality of it is that while we may continually have virtual interactions with people, it’s not until we have an actual in person, face-to-face interaction that we have truly met them. What social networks lack are the real-time communication, reaction and interactions. The importance of face-to-face meetings is to establish and develop a trusting relationship. An in-person meeting makes a connection more personal, and as we see from the infographic, “83% of businessmen believe that developing personal relationships is the key element to doing business.” So without face-to-face meetings with real time reactions, body language and expression, we don’t build the necessary trust needed for business. Ultimately, we need to intertwine our "virtual lives" with our real lives to maximize successfully doing business. Don't take our word for it, see the metrics below in the following infographic. Disagree? Agree? Share your thoughts with us.