Keeping Your Event Fresh and Fun

    There are several steps that go into planning a successful and fun party. We all know that a good party takes work, and a lot of energy, so we've come up with some tips to help you keep your party stress free and fun!

    1. Prioritize:

    To keep yourself stress free so that you’re actually able to enjoy your party, make a list of everything you need to accomplish before the actual event. Start by thinking about everything you need to buy, and then move onto everything you need to make, prepare, and cook. Make a list of necessary groceries, so you’re not making last minute trips to the supermarket. Consider all options and aspects of the entire night. Plan ahead so that you have nothing to worry about throughout the night!

    2. Food and Drinks:

    Storing your food and drinks takes up a lot of refrigerator space. Helpful hint: store your beverages in an ice chest. Beverages only take about an hour to hour and a half to chill with ice. Keep your refrigerator space open for your food.

    3. Clean Your House:

    For those of us who hate cleaning, hire someone to help tidy up your house before your event, throughoutyour party and after it’s over. Look up a local cleaning servicethat offers these services, or perhaps even a babysitter who always helps her mom out at home and knows the basics of cleaning. If worse comes to worse, bribe your kids to help you out. Don’t be Superwoman (or Superman) and attempt to take on the task by yourself… It’s just too much!

    4. Plan A Menu:

    Thinking ahead with your menu is crucial! Does cooking stress you out? You can hire a caterer, purchase prepared food from the supermarket, takeout from a favorite restaurant, or even make your party a potluck. If you go the potluck route, just remember to be specific when giving out menu assignments to your guests so you don’t end up with seven desserts and no main courses. Also, keep in mind that eating healthy is in! Look at these healthy recipesto get some ideas for what to prepare at your party!

    5. Serve Fun Foods:

    Sure, the era of “comfort food” has already come and gone through culinary circles, but bite-sized nibbles are still part of the local party scene. Whether it’s macaroni and cheese by the spoonful, mini-corndogs delivered in popcorn tubs, or desserts like cheesecake lollypops, people want appealing, easy to eat, fun finger foods.

    6. Presentation Is Key:

    Establish a theme for your party, and stick with it! Buy or make your decorations and centerpieces. Purchase or make party favors expressing your thanks for your guests attending. If two of your friends who don’t get along are attending, and you want your seating arranged, create place cards so your guests know where to sit and enjoy their food. The table linens should accompany the theme and should all match! Iron your linens to keep them looking clean and perfectly fresh until your party ends. Whatever your interests are, share them with your guests. Love music? Try a Rock ‘n’ Roll themed event. Enjoy the beach? Why not make it a Luau? You can even focus on something simple, like a color or upcoming holiday.

    7. Enjoy!

    The most important part of hosting a party is to make sure you enjoy it! Often, the party host winds up flustered throughout the party with competing demands for attention. Be prepared with jobs you can hand over to willing friends or family. If they’re offering, they don’t mind helping. Just remember, you’re throwing this party. It’s not only for your guests, but also for you!