Make Over Your Next Meeting

    Meetings are no longer confined to tables in a conference room. More and more, groups are pushing the limits of typical meeting protocol, and are finding unexpected benefits - increased creativity, boosted energy, and satiated appetities, just to name a few!

    Here are five ways you can shake things up at your next meeting or event:

    1) Go for a walk. Outside or inside, walking is a great way to boost productivity levels and get the creative juices flowing. The change of scenery can lead to new and innovative ideas that may have not come about in the confines of the four walls in a conference room.

    2) Make time for arts and crafts. Don't be afraid to venture down the bright and colorful aisles at the craft store. Get fun papers, markers, even glitter or look up an easy and quick craft that attendees can do as they brainstorm new ideas or do during a quick break while they network.

    3) Doodle. Leave pieces of paper around with colored markers at each table and let people doodle. This can tap into different parts of the brain,  allow people to listen better and can lead to fresh and innovative ideas.

    4) Energize with food. Try out food from a local eatery that provides fresh, protein-packed meals that will give attendees energy and provide a natural and casual time for networking.

    5) Make a game out of it. Holding contests (spoof of "America's Got Talent!" anyone?) is a fun way to foster networking and engagement throughout your meeting or event. Let attendees showcase quirky talents at a "This Meeting's Got Talent!" event or have scavenger hunts, where attendees are awarded prizes for finding things throughout your event venue.

    After you've found the venue for your next meeting or event on EVENTup, how will you shake things up for your attendees? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!