Meeting Monday: Office Party Ideas for August and September

    August marks the beginning of the end of summer, where most people have burned through their vacation time and will be working in the office straight until the holidays,  feeling the back-to-work blues. So if you are a manager, own a business, or work in the HR or events department, why not plan an office party to give your team a little pick-me-up? Try one of these fun office party ideas for August and September to spice things up in the workplace!

    Summer Potluck

    Put a summer spin on the traditional office potluck by asking people to bring in summer-specific dishes such as light pasta salads, refreshing vegetable salads, and barbeque pork. Bring a refreshing punch to serve your employees and decorate the kitchen with beach balls and palm fronds to bring the summer-theme home. Pass around a sign-up sheet to have everyone mark down what they will be bringing in. Don’t forget to have some people bring in cups, plates, silverware, napkins, and bowls.

    Bowling Party

    It’s nice to get out of the office with your coworkers every now and then. Consider planning an excursion such as bowling to get your team pumped up for the party. If you have a large company, you’ll want to look into renting out the entire event venue. Many bowling alleys offer this option as part of their business model. Depending on the number of people attending the event you could even have your employees choose teams ahead of time. If you want to add a competitive edge, have your employees come up with team names and offer a variety of prizes for first, second, and third place bowling winners.

    Dress Down & Order In

    Sometimes simplicity is grand. To keep your employees in high spirits during these challenging months, give them a casual day and buy them some good Chinese food or any other take-out that fits your fancy. It’s usually best to give them some guidelines as to what is considered “casual attire” since one person may think jeans is casual while another may think pajama pants fits the bill! Also, get together a list of all the take-out restaurants in your area and have your employees vote on the top one or two to order from. This will make the day even more fun as your employees will have had a choice in the matter.

    Labor Day Party

    Labor Day is on Monday, September 2. Since it is a national holiday, most companies give this day off to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers. However, you can still throw a Labor Day party before or after the actual date. Consider hosting it after work hours at a special event space to make the party really special for your employees. Here are some additional ideas on what to do for your Labor Day party:

    1. Art and Crafts: Set up an arts and crafts table so that your team can get creative and show you their talents! Provide plenty of paint, crayons, and other art supplies. You could even display the spectacular pieces of art in the office once the party has come to an end.
    2. Pioneer Party: Since our country was settled by Pioneers, it makes sense to throw a Pioneer party for Labor Day. For party menu options , choose classic American dishes such as corn on the cob with fresh churned butter. For entertainment, organize a potato sack race or get everyone together for some good, old-fashioned square dancing!
    3. Under the Sea: Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, so why not celebrate by paying tribute to our beloved oceans. Decorate your party with seashells and blue colored tablecloths and other decorations. Serve fish and chips, or if you have a large party budget, splurge on a lobster fest!
    4. Smell the Roses: Labor Day is a day for Americans to sit back, relax, and take a little extra time to smell the roses. Why not go with this theme for your Labor Day party? Put roses and other flowers all over the event venue and stick some flower petals into the invitation envelope. Put large sunflowers in vases to use as the centerpieces for each table and ask your team to bring their own flowers from their garden. Once all your employees are at the party, you can press all of their flowers into a commemorative scrapbook!

    What was the most fun office party you attended? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.