Milestone Parties: 30th Birthday Party Ideas!

    There’s something special about turning 30, which is why many people throw a big party to celebrate. After all, it’s not every day you say goodbye to being a twentysomething! Are you planning a 30th birthday party for yourself, a client or friend? Check out our 30th birthday party ideas to throw an unforgettable birthday bash for this milestone event.


    Keep the invitation classy and clean for a 30th birthday party. For men, you could give a more masculine spin on the traditional invitation by tying in a bachelor theme. For example, the text could say “Tommy’s Dirty Thirty Manweekend!”. If it’s a surprise party, you will definitely want to emphasize this in the invitation so that none of your guests spill the beans ahead of time. For ladies, you can style the invitation with feminine details like flowers or hearts, and then add some cute text such as “Come celebrate with Ellen as she turns the BIG three-oh!” or something like “Flirty Thirty!”.


    The theme of the party should largely revolve around the personality of the birthday girl or boy. If you know the birthday girl loves bright flowers like Birds of Paradise and Chrysanthemums, then consider making it a garden party theme and deck out your event space with tons of bright flowers. Many people choose to tie in a liquor theme such as whiskey or beer, hosting the party in a bar and decorating with giant beer mugs and Jack Daniels Whiskey gear. The key to pulling off any theme party is to take your time to incorporate the theme into the details.


    Creating a dessert and/or snack table is a super easy way to prep your event venue so that you don’t have to worry about serving everyone at a particular time. They can just go up and grab goodies whenever they are ready for sweets. To tie in the birthday milestone, you could make cookies in the shape of the numbers three and zero and lay them out on your dessert table. Cupcakes, chips, veggies, and candy all make excellent snacks for birthday parties as well.


    Sangria in individual mason jars work great for outdoor, end-of-summer events. You could also serve champagne, beer, wine, and specialty cocktails for all your guests. Consider making a specialty drink for the guest-of-honor using some of their favorite liquor and juice. Try a twist on a classic cocktail and name it after the birthday girl or boy.


    Let’s face it, turning 30 is tough for some people. Some people embrace the next decade with excitement while others begrudgingly accept it as the death of their 20s. So plan some games to bring some laughter and lightness to the party! It’s fun to incorporate the number 30 into your party games, for example, you could split the party up into teams and do a relay race to see how quickly each team can put on 30 socks or see who can move 30 chairs from one place to another. If your party consists of a group of close friends who have known the birthday person for a long time, you could do trivia on past fashion faux-pas and childhood history!


    Keep in mind the unique personality of the guest-of-honor and try to tailor your gift ideas to them as an individual. Some nice 30th birthday gift ideas are: a personalized leather wrapped flask, candles, a leather watch case, or a picnic backpack. For ladies, jewelry and high-quality picture frames are excellent gifts. For men, why not pick up a nice clip wallet or cuff links?


    Birthday parties call for cake, and 30th birthday parties call for amazing cake. You could cut the cake into the shape of “30” or simply decorate “30” onto a traditional cake. Ask the birthday person what their favorite type of cake and icing are so that you don’t disappoint on the big day. Depending on your budget, you may also want to hire a professional cake artist to create something truly eye-popping and delicious for the party.

    What other 30th birthday party ideas do you have? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!