Money Talk: Best Tips to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

    Yes, you're excited about getting married and all you want to do is start shopping for the big day. But before you get started, consider this: The average wedding in the United States costs $26,984. If you're trying to stay within or below that price range, plan out your budget ahead of time and decide what you can realistically spend. By knowing ahead of time what works for you, you'll avoid a major surprise (and disappointment) half-way through planning your wedding.

    Keep the Guest List Small: When creating your guest list, remember that the fewer the guests, the fewer mouths you'll have to feed. Consider not allowing guests to bring dates (serious relationships only), not inviting children, and don't invite people out of guilt. If you really can't minimize your list, consider having a cash bar. By having your guests pay for their own drinks, you'll save some green and keep friends and family from overindulging.

    Ask Friends for Help: Ever since the invention of Pinterest, a decent DIY wedding has become a possibility. You and your friends most likely have Pinterest boards full of wedding craft ideas that will look great and save some serious cash. You'll be able to create tons of decorations that will make your wedding truly unique  - just ask your craftiest friends (ditch the artistically challenged) and put those pins to use! Tip: Avoid buying craft supplies by asking your friends to pitch in instead of buying wedding gifts.

    Avoid Peak Season: June through September are the busiest months to have a wedding or find a wedding venue. By having a Spring or Winter wedding, you'll easily save some money on the venue as well as catering and other various costs.

    The Venue: The average reception venue costs a little more that $12,000. That's nearly half the cost of an entire wedding! If you don't have a preference, avoid hotels or reception halls. Places like Prince Street Penthouse or Top of the Garden Event Space are versatile, unique and usually cost much less than a hotel ballroom or reception hall.

    Music Choice: Do you really need a live band? Although it is a nice touch, a live band is expensive. If you're heart isn't set on it, then consider a DJ which costs considerably less and won't butcher the song for your first dance.

    Finance it: If money is still stopping you from having the perfect wedding even after a few cut-backs, no worries. Believe it or not, a wedding loan actually exists. If your credit score is high enough, select lenders will give you the cash you need to make your dream wedding a reality.

    Do you know of any money saving tips for a bride on a budget?  Let us know by leaving a comment below or share on Facebook and Twitter.