NYC Engagement Party Venues

    If you are planning or have planned an engagement or anniversary party in New York, you know how difficult it is to find the perfect venue. NYC engagement party venues are aplenty, but how to narrow it down? It's important to choose a venue that accurately reflects the happy couple and theme of the overall soirée. Eventup has many NYC engagement party venues to choose from, ranging from indoor to outdoor, intimate to large scale, vintage to modern, and everything in between. Take a look at some our of top pics for NYC engagement party venues.


    This is definitely one of the most glamorous NYC engagement party venues. Located in Manhattan, Parlor is the venue to choose if you want to feel like a celebrity from the moment you step inside. With a maximum occupancy of 200 people and walls decorated with Roxanne Lowit's eighties paparazzi photography, you are guaranteed to have a glamorous night. Parlor has two connected rooms full of beautiful lounge chairs and a full kitchen with the ability to cater to a party of 40. If you are looking for a theme to go along with this venue, Hollywood Glamor would definitely be your best bet!

    Penthouse Six

    New York City is widely known for their rooftop bars and parties, which is exactly what Penthouse Six provides. If you are looking for a more casual ambiance with a smaller guest list, Penthouse Six is the perfect fit. This venue is equipped with two fireplaces, lounge furniture, and a picturesque view of the city. This is the perfect venue for an intimate gathering of family and friends to celebrate a newly engaged couple and is most ideal for those warm, New York City summer nights.

    Union Square Penthouse

    If you are looking for a more formal, banquet setting engagement party, then Union Square Penthouse is the place for you. With panoramic views of Manhattan, banquet seating both indoor and outdoor, and spacious floors for endless dancing, this is the ultimate space for a more grand, larger scale engagement party. With the ability to hold between 50 to 200 guests, Union Square Penthouse is perfect for a large, formal engagement party that will be almost as memorable as the big day.

    Hudson Terrace

    If you are the calm and collected type, we have a selection of NYC engagement party venues to suit this vibe, like the serene ambiance of Hudson Terrace. Overlooking the Hudson River in an outdoor lounge setting surrounded by dimly lit lights, your guests will feel relaxed and ready to celebrate while dancing the night away under the New York sky.

    Trump SoHo New York

    Located in lower Manhattan in the Trump SoHo 46-Story Tower, this venue is most ideal for people with a very long guest list. With the ability to fit 400 people, the Trump SoHo venue has a very modern and elegant touch, perfect for those who enjoy simple, yet chic décor and architecture...and all the glitz that comes with Trump Tower.

    The Glass Houses

    Sitting near 25th Street and 11th Avenue in the Chelsea Arts Tower, this specific Glass House is breathtaking inside and out and is one of the most ideal places to celebrate an anniversary or engagement party. With the ability to fit 250 guests and featuring spectacular views of the city, you really cannot find a more romantic place to celebrate your devotion to another person. The Glass House has plenty of room for a reception, with a dancing area and full bar. With a venue like The Glass House, you will be sure to remember this event for years to come.

    We hope one of these NYC engagement party venues inspires you! Have you thrown an engagement or anniversary party? Have you used any venues listed above? Or did we miss any of your favorite Eventup listings? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Also check out some of our other great engagement party venues in LA and engagement party gift ideas