Party Ideas for Kids from Catch My Party: Milk & Cookies Party

    Every so often we touch base with Jillian from Catch My Party, the ultimate party resource for any DIY celebration. She was able to shed some light on some of this year’s hottest party ideas for kids, like milk and cookies parties! These are great for all kinds of events including graduations, baby showers, and especially kids birthday parties. Here are some of these party ideas for kids in action to make the best milk and cookies party!

    Make your cookies during the party. This can be a fun activity for people of all ages and adds a little extra entertainment to the party. Make a few different types of cookies such as chocolate chip, snicker doodles, and oatmeal raisin. You could even make cookies shaped and decorated to look like little milk bottles to really bring home the theme. Finally, set up a cookie sandwich station so people can try their hand at making gourmet cookie sandwiches. Don't forget the icing for the middle! If you're hosting your milk and cookies party during the summer, an ice cream sandwich station is definitely a crowd pleaser.

    Put your milk in vintage milk bottles. Let’s face it, plastic gallon milk jugs are just not pretty. Put a little effort into your milk presentation by getting some glass milk bottles and fill them up with different types of milk. Make sure you offer plenty of milk flavors and varieties, such as:

    • Strawberry
    • Chocolate
    • Soy
    • Almond
    • Vanilla
    • Regular

    Serve your milk bottles in a big, steel barrel with ice. Or, if you will be serving your milk on a dessert table, you could “salt” the rims of the jars with chocolate sprinkles...the kids will love it.


    Also, for a different twist on this theme, why not make it a cookie exchange party? Have each guest bring their favorite cookie to your event venue and everyone can exchange during the party.

    For boy birthday parties, consider making a specific theme such as “cowboys and cookies.” Then create your dessert table complete with sheriff badges and horses to hold the cookies and milk. You could also make cowboy-themed labels to identify the different flavors of cookies.

    More party ideas for kids is the “Cookie Monster” milk and cookie party. For birthday parties, you could have an ice cream cookie cake (in additional to regular cookies) and create the Cookie Monster character on the top of the cake with blue icing. Want cupcakes? Decorate the tops with blue icing to create the Cookie Monster’s head and add a mini cookie in his mouth. If you really want to go all out with the Cookie Monster theme, dye your milk blue and make a paper ornament to hang up in the shape of Cookie Monster’s head.

    While these milk and cookies parties are great party ideas for kids, they can work for other celebrations as well, such as Valentine playdates, Christmas parties, and baby showers. As long as you decorate your space to go with your holiday or celebration, you can throw a milk and cookies party for any occasion!

    You could even host a milk and cookies party for adults only! This is great for a backyard cocktail party or other social gathering. Decorate your space with a neat milk and cookies menu featuring items like Kahlua cupcakes, liqueur mousse, and grown up milk with bourbon. Also, get some decorative paper streamers in dark brown, light brown, and white to incorporate the milk and cookies theme into your event space décor. Serve your cookies in clear cookie jars to prevent bug infestations if you’re hosting a picnic or outdoor party.

    Be sure to keep the sugar highs at bay by serving some other snacks other than just cookies! Sandwiches and salads are a great way to keep things simple. Keep some salty snacks around such as nuts or chips and salsa so your guests stay well fed throughout your party.

    Send your guests home happy with a goody bag full of cookies! Line them up near the exit so everyone remembers to take one.

    Have you been to a milk and cookies party recently? What are some of your party ideas for kids? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!