Philadelphia: Revolutionary Team Building Ideas

    Our companies, Wildly Different and Masters of the Hunt, conduct team building activities and treasure hunts worldwide. But, Philadelphia is one of our favorite cities to come to. Why? Because its history serves as such an exciting backdrop! For instance, one client hired us to conduct activities that would energize their attendees during breaks in their weeklong meeting. Now, anywhere else, we may have been struggling for a theme to weave all of the activities together. But, in Philly, it was easy to come up with a “revolutionary” idea!

    Revolutionary Activities
    Revolutionary War figures served as roaming clues that the group had to visit with in their quest to find national treasure. For instance, one clue was on Betsy Ross’ flag and another was on the boat George Washington used to cross the Delaware, that just happened to wash up onshore at their hotel. The figures even made an appearance during a game show that challenged teams to finish Benjamin Franklin’s proverbs, solve historical trivia, and name that tune in “the revolution rocks musical challenge!”

    Step Out of the Board Room and Onto the Streets
    For those who want to step out of their meeting rooms, Philadelphia is an ideal spot. It is an easy-to-navigate walking city with lots of historical sites, attractions and fabulous food. It’s a no-brainer to weave all of these wonderful locations into events. Imagine history coming to life as you solve clues around Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell. Or, blending the historical with the technical by competing in an iPad challenge in which teams may have to listen to a music clip to figure out what they need to videotape themselves doing. After the sounds of the Rocky theme song peal out, they know they need to film themselves running up the steps leading to the east entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Or, in an Amazing Race-themed activity, teams may have to ride the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel and compete in a cheese steak stacking competition!

    The question isn’t, “What team building activity could we do in Philadelphia?” It’s, “How can we choose from all these great options?”

    Have a great team building idea that you have planned or participated in? Share it with us in the comments below.

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