Planning a Corporate Event

    What type of event will this be? This first step in planning a corporate event is figuring out what the purpose of the event is. Are you having this event to improve teamwork or simply as a celebration? If it is more of a team building event then you will need to a large enough venue to do group activities.

    If it is more of a celebration than the venue should be indoor and more formal. There is a distinct difference between the two types of events, which dictates the entire atmosphere from venue, lighting, music, attire, cocktails, catering, and so on. Before any steps are taken to plan the event, the purpose needs to be carefully thought out.

    What is the budget? Once the purpose of the event has been decided upon and a budget has been created, you can begin to start looking into invitations, entertainment, venues, and catering. Since this is a corporate event it is important to do a lot of looking around at different vendors to find the most cost effective option. Since this will most likely be a large scale event, vendors often offer packages that will include all aspects of the event at an affordable price.

    Who are the vendors? After you have looked around and narrowed your options down it is important to set up consultations with them in person. Things online may look completely different in person. It is vital that you take the time to personally visit the venue and meet with the caterers before signing any contracts.

    Most caterers will even offer a tasting session where you can go, taste different items, and work with the chef to create a menu. It is also important to stay in contact with whoever is doing your invitations to make sure they are on task. These days many companies are using evites to inform guests of the event- it is cost effective and eco friendly.

    What is done on the day of the event? On the day of the event it is important to arrive at the venue as early as possible to let in the caterers, entertainment, etc. Before arriving you should compose a checklist of everything that needs to be done so you are not overwhelmed when you get there. It is also important to make sure that the decorations are all in order, the microphones and speakers work, and everything is set up the way it needs to be. If there is a seating chart you should send someone around to make sure everything is set up. Above all, remember that this is a party and you should have fun!