Planning a Corporate Spring Ball

    Spring is a time of renewal for just about everyone. Flowers bloom after fading for the winter, bears awake from hibernation, and suburban families clean the houses. But spring can also be a great time to reintroduce your company to the public or other businesses. You can throw a launch party, a fundraiser; there is a host of party types with even more choices for theme. But why not go all out and really introduce your company to society with a corporate spring ball? Your employees will love the opportunity to get dressed up, your guests will be impressed with the swanky way you throw an event, and it will be a generally great way to get everyone psyched for the coming season!

    Find a Grand Location: Of course, balls are the stuff of legends to our twenty-first century minds. All our classic princess tales involve royal balls, those romantic Victorian-era films always involve a ball or dance party, we even refer to any enjoyable event by saying we “had a ball.” But all those connotations can put a lot of pressure on a party planner. You need something festive, fitting of the balls we’ve all imagined, without coming across as cheesy or cartoonish. Find a ballroom in a hotel, or even a full-fledged castle if you’re looking for authenticity. A venue like this will inherently speak to the opulence a ball deserves, without appearing silly or too young for your corporate crowd.

    Create an Elegant Ambience: Decorations are key for an event like this, because there are so many longstanding ideas about balls in our minds. Go for high drama with drapery and candlelit centerpieces. Decorate the staircases and banquet tables with lovely floral arrangements. And, of course, decide on a color scheme or theme and stick to it! This is actually easier than you might think – especially in the spring, when there are so many colorful flowers blooming and unique holidays to celebrate (like Mardi Gras, for example).

    Make Guests Feel Like Royalty: We’ve talked about gift bags before, so you already know how to wow your guests with unconventional corporate swag that they won’t throw away. But for an event as unique and glamorous as a ball, you’ll want to take your party favors to the next level. Not only that, you’ll want to make sure you follow up with your guests after the event; this lets them know you appreciated their presence at your ball, and might even put you in a league of your own when it comes to their next business partnership. Treating your guests well (even being quite formal – it is a ball after all) will really enhance the grand experience of your event.

    There’s no denying a corporate ball sounds like a blast, but how would you plan one for your company? Tell us your plans for theme, color scheme, or activities in the comments below, contact us on Twitter with your ideas, or visit our Facebook and Pinterest pages to get inspired!