Planning a Film Event: Film Screening Checklist #2

    After planning for months in advance, the day of your big film screening has finally arrived. Without a doubt, you will probably be running around frantically while doing last-minute prepping. To make sure everything runs smoothly, it is important to have a checklist of everything that needs to be done. This will help you divide tasks amongst your team for a smooth and stress-free film screening. Continuing with our film event planning series, here is another checklist for you to help you with the day-of planning of your film event.

    Double Check RSVP Lists

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    The morning of your screening, it is vital to check and double check your RSVP lists, especially if you are expecting a large crowd. If you use an iPad or another handheld electronic device to look up guests, be sure to have a printed copy as well, just in case anything goes wrong with technology.

    Check the Audio/Visual

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    By far one of the most important tasks during the day of the screening is checking that all the technology is working properly. Just like you would for a live concert, you will want to do a sound check and a visual check for the film. Additionally, checking the film is extremely important. One of the worst things that can happen during a film screening is for the film to skip or stop unexpectedly. To ensure this will not happen, check every aspect of the audio and visual equipment.


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    Even if your screening is just meant for a small group, it is always nice to have someone introduce the film to the group and give it some background. Whether your film screening is for a non-profit event and you are hosting a panel with the documentary maker, or you are hosting a fun, family-friendly picnic and movie in the park, introducing the film is important. Make sure you have elected someone to introduce the film and they are well-versed in it.
    Treat your Staff

    If your film screening is large and you have your own staff for it, it is very important to make sure your staff is happy and running on fuel. Be sure they have set breaks to eat and rest. It is also important to coordinate these breaks so that they are taken at different times, ensuring there is always someone on duty.

    Refreshments + Food

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    For a small amount of people, it's perfectly acceptable to order your food the same day. However, if you are expecting hundreds of guests, you will want to order the food in advance. Make sure there is a set time for your food to arrive or be picked up and be sure to give you and your staff ample time to set the food up before the event starts. Don't forget utensils and serving spoons! Remember that many people have dietary restrictions, so it is always a good idea to offer a vegan or vegetarian option.

    Confirm Travel Arrangements and Call Times

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    If you are hosting a panel, hiring a band, requesting food trucks, or anything else that involves an outside party or vendor, be sure to set strict call times and confirm travel arrangements. Remember to leave some leeway in case of traffic or anything else that can cause a delay in arrival. If you are hosting a panel and the filmmakers are involved, it is important to make sure travel arrangements are set, as sometimes it is the job of the screening organizer to arrange pick up.

    Clean Up

    Depending on where you are hosting your film screening, you and your crew may need to do some or all of the clean up. It is essential to talk to the owner or venue manager beforehand to determine clean up.

    Have you planned a film event recently? What are your day-of checklists? Share your stories below or on Facebook or Twitter. Check out our other checklist for planning a film event.