Planning a Graduation Celebration

    Whether it’s high school or college, graduation is always an occasion to celebrate! Unfortunately, entertaining can easily become costly so we came up with tips and ideas to save money while planning your graduation celebration. There are many details to be considered, so let us help with these creative and budget friendly ideas!

    Make a budget. The amount you are willing to spend on the party determines how many guests you will be able to invite. A great way to save money is to have a combined graduation party. Partner up with your graduate's friends or perhaps another family member who is also graduating. This way you will have relatively the same guest list and a larger budget.

    Find a location. The location of the party depends on your budget and how many people will be attending. If you are on a tight budget then have no fear- backyards can easily be transformed into a celebratory haven with the right decorations. However there are many other great options for those with larger budgets. If you are having a smaller more intimate party, you can rent out a room at a restaurant. This is always a hit and eliminates the hassle of having to cook food for an entire party. You also don’t have to worry about clean up! If you are a hosting a larger scale graduation party there are countless ballrooms and other unique venues to throw the party at. A great idea is also to rent out an amazing house for the night.

    Decide on a theme. Choosing a theme for your graduation party sets the tone for the entire event and will help you choose the invitations, decorations, food, and music. For example, if you are having a luau themed graduation party, you can send out Hawaiian themed invitations, buy Hawaiian decorations, etc. If you do not want to pick a theme then you must at least pick a color scheme and stick with it. Make sure the graduate approves of the theme ahead of time.

    Set the date. Will the party be held directly after the graduation ceremony or on a separate date? If you want to have it on a separate date from the ceremony, narrow it down to two or three dates and call a few of your guests to determine which day the guests can attend. After the date has been set you can send out formal invitations.

    Send out invitations. If you are on a tight budget or want to be environmentally friendly, a great invitation idea is sending out evites. Another inexpensive invitation option is to print out invitations from the internet. has a wide selection of free themed and not themed invitations that are great for any graduation party. Tip: Add a personal touch to the invitation by adding the graduates senior portrait.

    Decorate the venue. Decorations should match the theme or color scheme you previously chose. Balloons and streamers are an inexpensive addition that compliment any party no matter the theme. Whether the table centerpieces are bought or DIY, they should match the theme but not be too distracting. For example, if you are throwing a luau themed graduation party, use a pineapple with candles and greenery as a festive centerpiece. Make sure to color coordinate the centerpiece with the decorations, plates, and utensils. Tip: decorate a corner of the venue with graduation caps and gowns and have someone taking pictures. A photo area is fun and the pictures make a great “thank you” gift for all of the guests.

    Decide on food. The food you serve depends on the venue you hold the party at. If you throw it in the backyard, chances are you will want to keep it simple and just grill up some hamburgers and hotdogs. You can also encourage guests to bring dishes and make it into a potluck. This will relieve the stress of having to serve an entire party and ensures there will be plenty of food to go around. If the party is being held at a hall or ballroom you might want to consider a catering service. Ask the venue managers because they probably have great recommendations and can possibly get you a discount. No matter the venue, be sure to have delicious desserts.

    Do you have any other tips or ideas for throwing a graduation party? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment here!