Planning an Award-Worthy Oscar Party

    Informally known as The Oscars, the Academy Awards represents a night of glamour, red carpet, and ultimate elegance. The best cinematic achievements from the past year will be honored Oscar Sunday, February 24, and will mark the 85th annual event. Even though you can’t prance down the red carpet with the celebrities you love, you can still celebrate the night by planning your own Oscar party. Since everyone needs a little glamour in his or her life, we’ve put together some ideas that will ensure to bring some sparkle.

     Send Sassy Electronic E-vites

    Don’t text, or send a boring email to all of the guests on your list! Sending a Hollywood-esc invitation will set the right expectations and make your guests feel important. lets you create e-vites with pizzazz and a personal touch. Not only can you decorate the actual invitation, but you can also decorate the “stamp” and the envelope. Incorporate that red-carpet red and elegant script font.

    Host the Event at a Venue

    Instead of hosting your friends around your couch, splurge and reserve a private room at a posh venue. Look for a space that has TV’s in order to watch the televised event, while you are enjoying everyone’s company. Select a restaurant, so you can enjoy an elegant sit down dinner or have small plates for everyone. Then, you won’t have to worry about cooking for your guests, or having to locate a caterer. Eventup will help you book the perfect venue that fit all of your needs.

    Decorate with Props & Disposable Cameras

    Instead of a red carpet upon guest arrival, incorporate a red table runner. For centerpieces, print and cut out celebrity photos and back them with a cardboard cut out. Since you probably won’t have paparazzi scatter disposable cameras around the table and encourage your guests to snap crazy photos of each other! Provide every guest with a goody bag filled with goofy props like red boa’s, sunglasses, cigars, and plastic Oscar statues.

    Sip Champagne & Create a Popcorn Flavor Bar

    To spice up your drink list, serve champagne! Pick up some plastic champagne glasses and bedazzle them with jewels. Another fun idea, is to recreate the labels on the champagne or wine bottles with nominated movie titles. As a fun treat, make popcorn for your guests, but season it with new flavors. Pick up several different popcorn flavor powders and let your guests get creative! Other fun treats to have are red twizzlers representing the red carpet, or Oreo cookies representing the black tie event.

    The best part about throwing a party for the Oscars, is you get to be creative with your red carpet event! Let us know how you threw your award-worthy oscar party on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!