Planning the Perfect 4th of July Cookout


    Take advantage of the July heat and host an outdoor cookout to celebrate the wonderful USA! Planning 4th of July parties are easy because picking out the theme and color scheme is taken care of for you. All you really need to do is invite over your friends and family, deck out your venue in red, white, and blue, and grill up some burgers and hot dogs.


    Chicago is a great place to celebrate the Fourth of July.



    As far as decorations are concerned, be sure to stick strictly to red, white, and blue. Since this is an outdoor event, feel free to keep it simple and use plastic utensils and dishes. Cover the tables with festive tablecloths and set up a buffet style eating area. Have plenty of picnic tables for all of the guests to sit and eat at and perhaps even a kids table or two. If the party will be going into the night, hang stringed lights in the trees and bring blankets for your guests.

    Food and Drinks 

    Cook up some burgers, hot dogs, and maybe even some ribs. Be sure to have plenty of side dishes as well such as potato salad, chips and dip, fresh fruit, etc. Checkout All Recipes for some simple and delicious summer recipes. Have fun summer cocktails in a large drink dispenser set up for those guests over 21. Also be sure to have a wide selection of sodas and juices for those who will be refraining from consuming alcohol. If this is a more relaxed and last minute party feel free to ask guests to help out and bring their specialty dish, turning it into a potluck type event.


    Create a playlist with fun and upbeat songs; if you don't feel like creating a playlist use a service like Pandora or Spotify. Be sure to bring loud speakers and backup batteries. Have games and perhaps a craft table set up to keep the little ones happy and busy. Checkout Disney's Family Fun for great 4th of July crafts for the kids. Bring sparklers so the kids, and even the adults, can indulge in a festive 4th of July tradition. Remember that while keeping your guests happy, you should have fun too!