Planning the Perfect Party for your Quarantined Graduate

    High school and college graduations are two exciting milestone moments in a young person’s life. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of COVID-19, these in-person celebrations are not happening as planned, often postponed to a later date or moved solely to online. As a friend or family member of a graduate, there are still many ways that you can help your graduate feel the love he or she deserves celebrating their accomplishments. Check out these tips to learn how to plan the perfect quarantine party for your quarantined graduate.

    1.    Decorations

    Step one to planning any graduation party is to gather fun decorations. Finding napkins, tablecloths, streamers, balloons, and cups in the color of your graduate’s school is a great place to start. “Congrats Graduate!” signs or “2020” balloons are another popular item that you can hang around the house or outside on the porch. To find cheap decorations, check out your local dollar store that is likely still open if you feel comfortable. Amazon also has a variety of decorations at a cheap price. Many high schools and colleges are even providing fun signs and logos that you can print yourself to hang around the house, or print into the form of stickers for all family members to wear. Bottom line - fun decorations can turn your everyday family room into the ultimate graduation party location!

    2.    Food

    The best part of the party! A graduation celebration is a perfect time to order delicious food from your favorite local restaurant - chosen by the grad, of course! If you are ordering for your quarantined family of 6, check out the local restaurants who cater to the grad’s favorites and order trays from the appetizer, entree and sides sections. If you are turning this party into a Zoom celebration to include all loved ones, but still abide by the 10 person gathering rules, check out the many restaurants offering specialized boxed meals that you can safely deliver to grandparents, or cater for a neighborhood of people who can enjoy food from a distance. EventUp can also help you find restaurants in your area. Last but not least, dessert! Many restaurants offer delicious desserts, but many local bakeries are open for picking up sweet-treats or a grocery store for a cheap and speedy pick-up.

    3.    Drinks

    The other best part of the party! Now if you’re dealing with the under 21 crowd, choose your favorite mocktails that use ingredients in the color of your grad’s school. If you’re in the college graduate age range (or just have cool parents), then add in the alcohol to make these cocktails! As always, mimosas or bloody marys are a great idea for a brunch celebration, and college grads tend to enjoy jello-shots. If drinking games are of interest to your quarantine crew, then plan out some games for the party! Beer Pong, Stack Cup, and King’s will probably be some favorites among the college kids, but it is also the perfect time for parents to teach these young grads the games they used to play back in the day (ha!). Regardless, make sure the grad gets to enjoy their favorite drinks and pops a bottle of champagne to celebrate the day!

    4.    Quarantined Ceremony

    Refer back to your decoration list when setting up the “quarantined ceremony” for your grad. Line your staircase with streamers and balloons, and play the Graduation March music while your grad walks down the stairs in cap and gown. If your high school or college is streaming any commencement speech, video, or ceremony virtually, make sure to plan to hook it up to the TV for the best experience. If not, it could be fun for family members to plan speeches or videos ahead of time to make for a creative quarantined ceremony. This could also be a great time to include other loved ones who want to share kind wishes to the graduate via Zoom!

    5.    Final Surprises

    Lastly, surprise your grad with some fun surprises you plan ahead of time! Loved ones driving by in cars to cheer for the grad, a scrapbook of high school or college memories, a video compilation of friends sending well wishes, or gifts that will help the grad in the next stage of life, among other things. This day is about the grad, so anything to make the day even more special will be appreciated!

    While all high school and college graduates deserve to experience their normal graduation day ceremony, all we can do right now is try to make the day as special and memorable as possible. The quarantine does not take away from the accomplishments these grads have achieved over the years, so put your party planning skills to the test to make the best quarantined graduation celebration yet!


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    Author: Rachel Calkins