Planning the Perfect Proposal

    Planning the perfect proposal is no small task; it’s one of the defining moments of your life and one you’ll be telling for the rest of your life. So once you’ve made the big decision, how do you find the right way to ask the big question?

    First off, there is no right way to propose, only the way that is right for you; doing something small and intimate can be just as memorable as an elaborate set-up. The real key here is to make it personal and specific to your relationship. Think back on the special moments you’ve shared together: your first date, the first time you said ‘I love you,’ great vacations and birthdays. Make a list of the little things that stick in your mind about those moments. Trying to incorporate some of those details can bring some added romance by showing that you’ve been cherishing those memories as much as your partner.

    Choosing the right location to propose is a big part of that equation. While a big public proposal in front of friends and family may sometimes be dramatic, it can easily sway towards the kind of drama that you don’t want. This should be a moment focused on the two of you and your love for each other, make sure to not choose a place where you’ll be upstaged by a large public event. In order to keep it personal, try to identify the places that have been significant to your relationship: the place you first met, the place you first kissed. Consider going back to a significant place or choosing a destination where you’ve always wanted to go together. Regardless of whether it’s somewhere new or a place from the past, you want to make sure it’s a place you can come back for many anniversaries to come.

    When it comes to picking out a ring, keep your partner’s taste in mind. If you happen to be window-shopping together, start to pick up on whether your partner is interested in elaborate designs or more classical elegance. Look at the jewelry they already have to get a sense not only of their style but also their ring size.

    In making your preparations also don’t be afraid to consult their parents or friends about what they like if you think they can keep their lips sealed about the big event. Asking the father’s permission to propose can be a respectful and trust building way to embark on joining your families together. While you should make your proposal unique to your own relationship, don’t be afraid of incorporating the classic proposal traditions like getting down on one knee. No matter whether they’re expecting it or not, the moment you get down on one knee will unleash a rush of emotion.

    When you’ve arrived at the moment and you’re down on your knee, take that opportunity to tell them why you want to marry them. Incorporating the list of special moments you’ve shared together and all of the reasons that you two are perfect for each other. They may be things that you assume both of you share, but saying them out loud will make the moment all the more special.

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