President's Day Crafts for Kids

    President's Day celebrates not just Washington's birthday, but all of the Presidents of the United States and is definitely a fun one to celebrate with the kids! It is the perfect day to get your kids or students to learn about the presidents and our nation's history and do it while engaging in fun and creative crafts! After all, who doesn't enjoy getting their hands dirty with paint or wearing a homemade presidential wig? Here are a few of our favorite President's Day Crafts for kids:

    Lincoln's Preztel Log Cabin

    This craft is probably the favorite among the kids because there are tasty treats involved! All you need are a milk carton (for the base), pretzels, peanut butter, a few crackers, and a rolo. If you have a large milk carton, cut the bottom making it roughly 5 inches high. Make sure to also cut off the top flap and glue or tape the top closed to form the roof. The rest of the craft is in the kids' hands now! Have the kids use peanut butter (or frosting) as the glue between the pretzel logs. The crackers will make great windows and if you're feeling adventurous, a rolo will make the perfect chimney. This is the perfect craft to teach children about Lincoln's log cabin and for them to have a delicious snack in the process!

    Cotton Ball and Paper George Washington

    There is no better way to celebrate President's Day then by making a paper version of our first president, George Washington. This activity is extremely easy, with the help of these templates and instructions. Once the template is printed, all you need are crayons, cotton balls, scissors, and glue. This is the perfect craft for children and the cotton ball hair adds 3D fun that they will enjoy!

    Fingerprint Cherry Tree

    This craft helps tell children the famous tale of Washington and the cherry tree. After explaining the story and its wonderful meaning, this craft is a perfect way to make the story come to life! Great for ages 2 and up, this craft only requires paint, paper, and a few fingers. Just make sure you watch the kids closely while doing this craft, as you don't want your President's Day party location to be covered in paint!

    Cotton Ball Wig

    There is nothing more fun for children than playing dress up! This activity helps kids make a presidential wig and enjoy wearing it after. Whether it is for fun or for a play or event, this wig is extremely easy and gets the point across. All you need are a large paper bag, cotton balls, glue, and ribbon. You will need to turn the paper bag over and cut out the shape of the wig, having the bottom of the bag act as the top of the wig. Next, glue on the cotton balls to all open spaces and tie a ribbon around the ponytail. Once it glues, you will have your very own mini George Washington!

    What are some of your favorite President's Day crafts for kids? Know of any crafts that kids absolutely love? Share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!