Prom: Dress and Hair Trends

    We've hand picked the hottest style trends this season to maximize your glamour for prom. Try some of these looks to ensure you make your mark at your upcoming prom!


    Lace High Neckline

    High necklines may not be the first thing one would gravitate towards for a prom dress, but when it is made out of lace, this look is definitely worth trying out for prom.

    Empire Waist

    Empire waists have been very popular, work with many body types, and add an elegant touch to every dress.


    High-low dresses have been extremely popular this past year and they can be dressed up for a formal look or dressed down for a casual look.


    Sequins are always fun and flashy and are perfect for a prom of any theme and at any event venue.

    Peplum Layer

    Peplum layers are great because they give you a body to show off. They highlight your curves and give you an hourglass shape. A peplum layer dress is also very versatile in its formality, depending on how you accessorize.

    Vintage 1920s Flapper

    With the release of The Great Gatsby, flapper themes and dresses are making a comeback. Try a dress with casual fringe and you will definitely be in style on the dancefloor.

    Mesh Cutouts

    There is nothing more flirty than a mesh cutout. It shows just enough skin to turn heads but still looks elegant and appropriate.

    Gold Metallic

    Gold metallic is always elegant and formal, but also makes a bold statement. With a dress like this, you will be sure to stand out at your prom venue.

    Sweetheart Neckline

    A sweetheart neckline is always a safe bet when it comes to prom dresses. It is a classic look but still just as popular as ever.


    Ombre has been popular all over the fashion world, on nails, in hair, and now, prom dresses. If you’re looking for something colorful and fun, ombre is definitely a hot look.


    Messy Updo

    Everyone loves the messy updo and it goes perfect with a short and playful dress.


    Half-up, half-down hair is the go-to prom look, but it never fails and will match any dress.

    Long Waves

    If you have long hair, waves are a perfect style to complement any dress, especially long, elegant dresses with flowing skirts.

    Side Bun

    Side buns are the perfect hairstyle for prom. They are just formal enough without being too high maintenance.

    Side Ponytail

    If you have long hair but don’t want it in your face, yet still want it down, consider doing a side ponytail. Add some waves in your hair and you will have the best of both worlds.


    Fishtail braids are very in right now and they are a great boho look for prom.

    Soft Curls

    Curls are always elegant and are the perfect hairstyle for any themed prom. Whether you have naturally curly hair or are getting your hair curled, this look is a must-have.


    If you have short hair, consider just leaving it straight and going for a sleek bob.

    Sleek Bun

    Having a tight bun can look great when paired with the right dress. It will give you a classically elegant look perfect for any prom.

    Side Updo

    If your hair isn’t quite long enough to make a side bun or ponytail, consider doing a mere side updo with loose curls.

    What are some prom hair and dress trends that you have noticed? Have any tips or recommendations? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.