Put A Little Charity Into Your Party!

    Whether you're throwing a party where you want to bring in a charity aspect or you're trying to throw a full-blown charity event, we have your guide for how to put a little charity into your next party!

    Turn Your Birthday Party into a Fundraiser!

    If you're the type who is reluctant to accept many gifts come birthday time (we're not talking from close family, but from friends, neighbors or acquaintances) ask for guests to bring a donation to a worthy cause! Pick your cause based on your guests' interests, such as a children's school foundation, animal or homeless shelter or local charity that is close to the hearts of those attending. This way you can get together and enjoy each other's company while benefitting a great cause!

    This idea can also work for a wedding or other important party where oftentimes the bride and groom traditionally provide favors for guests. Instead you could use the money from your budget and donate it to a cause close to you!

    If You're Going for Something on a Larger Scale, such as a gala, dinner or cocktail event, follow our checklist of simple steps!

    What To Do:

    1. Send Out Patron Letters to Invited Guests - By inviting guests to save the date and underwrite expenses of the event, you allow people to make a tax-deductible contribution to a charity they are willing to support! They can cover the expenses of renting furniture, wine for guests, or even goodie bags!

    2. Invitations - Have a response card that allows them to send back a card that has an option to accept, decline and for them to have the opportunity to mail in a donation. This is an alternative way for them to contribute to the chosen cause.

    3. Ask for Donations!! - You'd be surprised at how much people are willing to help! Many local restaurants would jump at the chance to have dozens of people try their catering!! Call around and then go into the establishment in person to talk with an owner. Who knows, your relationship could extend to your next event!

    4. Other Donations - Retail stores and other boutiques in your area might want to help, too! Ask around (and visit) places to see if they'd be willing to donate items to be auctioned off at your party! Local artists frequently donate paintings or sculptures in order to gain a following. It benefits everyone and can raise a lot for the charity of your choice!

    5. Invite a Speaker! - Someone who knows a lot about the charity you're helping, perhaps even a member of the organization, would be a fantastic person to invite and give a toast or speech to your guests. People will likely want to ask questions to learn more about the organization and might be persuaded to be more involved! If you are helping a foundation with a celebrity spokesperson, reach out to them! Write a letter to them or call their publicist regarding the event. Angelina Jolie is heavily involved with the United Nations and other organizations that aid people in need!

    If you've hosted an event that has gone to charity in the past, let us know how it turned out and what you did! Share your event with us on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment here!