Something Blue [Pin Board]

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We all know the saying, but fulfilling this tradition isn’t always easy! But we’re here to help you find your something blue – and there are so many ways you can incorporate the color in your wedding:

    The Fashion: Blue is a lovely primary color, so it can be a nice addition to any wedding’s color palette, without being exclusive to the bride! Dress your groomsmen in a sharp blue tie, or give all your bridesmaids blue high heels to walk down the aisle in. As for the bride, a blue sash around your wedding gown or blue statement jewelry is always an excellent choice; the bright, bold color is sure to pop!

    Here’s a thought for the nontraditional bride: why not wear a blue dress? This break from the white wedding will be a bold move that is certain to surprise and wow the crowd! There are so many beautiful wedding dresses in different colors now, even pale shades that are closer to white, for the brides who want to make a more subtle statement. So don’t be afraid of looking into different choices for your wedding fashion, especially your something blue!

    The Cake: No one said you had to wear your something can eat it, too! This idea is a little easier when blue is already in your color scheme, but having a blue cake is a great way to get your something blue without worrying about clashing fashion choices. And there are so many different shades to choose from, like cobalt, navy, and Tiffany blue. You’ll have no trouble finding the right shade of blue to suit your ceremony.

    The Décor: Once again, this is easier to do when blue is already in your color scheme, but little splashes of blue in your decorating can give your space a refreshing look that your guests will love. Blue flowers or balloons can really bring a new life to the space, giving it a romantic, tropical, or even whimsical vibe...depending on the shade of blue, of course. This is a fun and easy way to sneak in your something blue.

    The Venue: You could simply dress up your venue with blue flowers and other decorations, or you could bring your wedding right to the blue! Beachfront wedding venues are common here in California, because the beauty of the blue water is a big crowd favorite. But even if you don’t live right on the coast, there are many venues with beautiful water features that can make for a beautiful blue ceremony.

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