Spring Party Themes for Kids

    It's been a long, cold winter for many families across the country. Kids who have been stuck indoors all season long can't wait to get outside in the sunshine, and parents are just as enthused that kids will be entertained and happy once again. Here are some spring party themes for kids to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

    Garden Party

    Deck out your party event space with decorations including bird, butterflies, flowers and bugs! Better yet, choose a place to host the party that correlates with your garden theme such as an enchanted castle event venue with lush garden surroundings. Stock up on different colored tissue paper and pipe cleaners and have the kids make flowers out of them. For refreshments, bake some flower-shaped cookies to serve to the kids with bug juice (juice with plastic bugs frozen in ice cubes).

    Fairy Party

    Nothing says springtime like a fun fairy party! Parents will love this simple and inexpensive party theme and kids are sure to be talking about it long after the event is over. Create fairy-shaped invitations to send to party goers, decorate with glitter and print all the info on the inside. Decorate your event space with fairy cutouts, colorful balloons, pink tablecloths and confetti to dazzle the place up. Come up with a fun activity for the kids to do such as a fairy relay race. Simply split the kids into two teams, place a fairy tutu, headband and wand at a set location in the area and have them each race, put on the gear, and remove it to pass along to the next team player. Whichever team finished first wins!

    Camping Adventure

    Plan a fun backyard camping trip for the kids! This is an all-time favorite for most kids and is sure not to disappoint. All you need is a few tents, some roasting sticks, pillows and blankets and a lantern. If you have an area with a free-standing fire pit, supervise the kids as they roast marshmallows, hot dogs and the like. Because after all, you can't go camping with an authentic fire pit! Depending on the age range of the children, you can also entertain each other by swapping scary stories.


    Go to the dollar store and grab a red and white checkered blanket or tablecloth, paper napkins, plates, cups and silverware. Pack a big basket full of sandwiches, snacks and juice. Gather up all the kids and head out to your favorite park or even have one in your own backyard. Bring ice cream sandwiches in a cooler for an extra special treat! For activities, bring a bunch of big bubble makers and watch as the kids go to town. Also, some sidewalk chalk can entertain kids for hours.

    Water Park

    Turn your backyard into a water park! All you need is a couple of wading pools, a garden hose and a slip n slide and you're set for a day of fun. Want to kick it up a notch? Stock up on some fun water guns and get a couple of new floaty toys for the pool. If you have a safe, non-slippery area, get some water balloons too. The kids will play so hard at this party that they will sleep like angels come nighttime.

    Do you have any more outdoor party ideas for kids? Have a spring birthday to celebrate? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.