Summer Wedding Attire

    Summer weddings are very romantic but quite possibly the most difficult to dress for.  Between the heat and possibility of sitting on a beach, it can be a little tricky to decide what is considered appropriate.  But have no fear, you've come to the right place! If you have a summertime ceremony quickly approaching and no idea what to wear just follow these simple tips and you will look fabulous!

    Although the weather is more than likely to be warm (if not hot), conservative attire is much more appropriate than a skimpy beach dress.  Nothing is worse than being the guest that everyone is talking about...for the wrong reasons.  Keep it classy with a dress that isn't too short or too low cut in the front but shows just the right amount of skin so you stay cool.

    Open back or birdcage tops are very popular and a great way to keep cool and show a little skin without going overboard.   If you decide on an open-back dress, try to find one in mint or coral, the colors of the season which happen to be perfect for a summer wedding.  And of course, even though it's summer, white is never an option.

    If you're attending a beach wedding, avoid sinking into the sand with a cute pair of flats.  Otherwise slip on a pair of wedges, the latest shoe craze.  Why are wedges so great?  The extra support allows you to dance all night without worrying about sore feet in the morning.

    A floor-length gown is standard attire for a black tie event.  No one has ever been embarrassed for being dressed too fancy, but wearing something too casual is a fashion faux pas.  Keep in mind that typically any wedding after 6pm is going to be more formal than a daytime ceremony.

    An outdoor wedding will most definitely be very sunny.  Don't forget to apply plenty of sunblock incase shade is not provided for guests.  Keep a clear view of the bride and groom with a cute pair of sunglasses that complement your outfit.  Have any other tips for summertime wedding attire?  Share them here, Facebook, or Twitter.