Sushi Sunday

    Sushi obsessed? You're not alone.


    Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Shooters/Mac & Cheese Bites

    Nothing says childhood like Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup and Macaroni & Cheese. Give your guests a wave of nostalgia by serving their childhood favorites in unique and bite-sized ways. Try cutting your grilled cheese into bite sized pieces and serve with a shot glass of tomato soup! Or take the standard macaroni & cheese, bake it in mini muffin tins, and give your guest a bite-sized version of their favorite snack- both of these appetizers are sure to be a hit with every guest!

    The Trendy Stuff:

    Mini Chicken & Waffles/Mini Tacos & Margaritas

    Chicken and waffles or mini tacos are sure to be a hit for any event. Even your snootiest guest will be impressed with the presentation and taste. Try presenting your mini tacos with a mini margarita in the middle. Who doesn’t love tacos with a side of margarita? For the mini chicken & waffle bites, try serving them in a picnic style basket or napkin for an authentic look.

    The Classics:

    Mini Hot Dogs/Sliders/Corn Dogs/Cones of Fries

    Everybody has had a mini burger or mini hot dog, and it works, so why steer clear of these classic hits?! If you’re trying to put a cool spin on an old classic, try making a mini hot dog stand, lets your guests decide what will be on their mini dogs- stock it with fun mustards and ketchups, relish, onions, and other fun toppings. Another way to make classic bar food into a chic snack is by putting it in fun holders. For example, put French fries in a decorative cones o give your guests something to talk about. These classics are a proven hit for events, so keep serving them up!

    For Your Sweet Tooth:

    Cookies & Milk, Mini Donuts, Pie Pops

    Everybody wants something sweet. Eating too much dessert can leave your guests crashing later. Serve up some miniature treats at your event- try mini donuts, milk shots with a mini cookie on top, or even some pie pops (anything that is in lollipop form is going to be a sure hit)!

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